Treat Pulled Neck Muscle

Today we will be looking at how to treat pulled neck muscle and get the painful area back into shape. If you feel you have a sore neck there’s no need to think it’s something serious as a lot of neck complaints are very common.

In a lot of cases the pain seems to get a lot better after a handful of days and the neck returns to normal. A lot of the time people look for advice on how to treat pulled neck muscle simply because they have slept in a really awkward position. If you work in front of a computer for long hours this can also give the ‘pulled neck muscle effect’.

Anxiety and stress can also contribute to the pain you feel in your neck muscles through tension. It’s pretty much non-specific in most cases and this is the diagnosis most doctors will give you.

Managing Pain – To Treat Pulled Neck Muscle

OK so it’s non-specific but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it right? The best course of action is to carry on with what you are doing – don’t lie down like an injured solider and get even stiffer!

  • Painkillers often seem the way if you want to treat pulled neck muscle so make sure you are stocked up with plenty of ibuprofen – that pain can get really stiff at times! There is also a gel format of ibuprofen which works really well on a stiff neck.
  • If you have a heat pack handy try holding it to the pain ridden area. Most of us do not keep heat packs lying about so a simple hot water bottle will do near enough the same job
  • If you want to treat pulled neck muscle then you should really resort to using one pillow at night instead of two. I know this is a little hard to get used to ( I have tried it myself! ) but it helps heaps!
  • Posture can be another reason that your neck pain is lingering. Sit up straight and pay attention to how you slouch in front of the TV. Posture could be the reason you are in neck pain in the first place!
  • Neck collars are for priests! There is apparently little to no evidence that wearing a collar will help treat pulled neck muscle. I wonder really why hospitals are still dishing them out! Keeping your neck mobile will stop it from becoming even more stiffer in the long run!
  • Simple neck exercises will always be an effective way to treat pulled neck muscle. You don’t have to be a medical expert to simply turn your head slowly from side to side and loosen the whole thing up!

If The Pain Won’t Budge…..What Then?

If you have tried to treat pulled neck muscle using the above methods and there is no improvement what are you to do? Well if it has been over five days and the pain has not improved then it would be a good idea to visit the local GP. Also, if the painkillers start to have no effect then this would be a good time to seek more professional advice.

You may end up on slightly harder pain killers like Tramadol but the GP will give you a full examination to rule out any serious problem – put your mind at rest!

Natural Ways to Treat Pulled Neck Muscle

In one of our earlier posts we covered a well known product named Tiger Balm. Now Tiger Balm is a great rub to use on inflammation problems within the body. Simply read the instructions and then apply ( rub ) to the neck area where it hurts. There is a direct link below leading to more information on Tiger Balm:

Tiger Balm Red 30g (Pain Relief) – NaturalBalm

It sounds a little simple really but have you thought about taking a bath? I’m not claiming to be a superstar doctor here or have the ultimate cure but a hot bath does help with certain pain complaints.

Finally, as I mentioned above, anxiety and stress can contribute to or make worse the pain in your neck. If you want to naturally treat pulled neck muscle then simply have a rest away from people – take a time out for a couple of days. Dealing with people’s demands can lead to stress levels rising and this could even be the cause of the neck pain in the first place!

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