Treat Chronic Depression Naturally

We’ve all heard about the horror stories involving various kinds of depression medications and their hidden side effects. A lot of these stories are quite frightening and off putting! In this article we will be looking at how to treat chronic depression naturally as an alternative to these medical options.


When you are depressed you can feel totally helpless – it’s important to remember that you are not alone! As I mentioned above there are medical avenues you can go down and even try out a little therapy.

Treat Chronic Depression NaturallyBut if that is not the type of thing you are looking for then why not look into ways to treat chronic depression naturally?

Routine is Important

Routine seems to disappear when you are depressed – this is not a good thing and life starts to look a little aimless. Depression can strip away the structure from your life – so don’t let it!

You have to try and set up a schedule that you are comfortable with and stick to it as closely as possible – don’t just let one hour melt away into the next!

What Are Your Goals in Life?

When you feel down it becomes hard to recognize how talented you are – you feel as though you can not achieve anything! 

If you want to treat chronic depression naturally you should set out a few goals – see what you can accomplish and go from there! 

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It’s best to build up as you go along – there’s no point setting unrealistic goals and ending up feeling more worthless than you did to begin with! Try starting with general house cleaning duties then go from there.

Try Exercise

This was a big factor in getting me through a really tricky period in my personal life and at the same time I used it to give up smoking! Exercise is great – no matter what way you look at it! 

Exercise temporarily boosts feel-good chemicals called Endorphins making it a great way to treat chronic depression naturally. I get a high whenever I finish a run over three miles – it’s an unbeatable feeling. It’s as if the running is rewiring my brain patterns and making the whole day seem a lot brighter overall. 

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You don’t have to just rely on running though – this is just what worked out best for me! I recommend trying walking, running, cycling and swimming – all of which are great cardio.

How Much Sleep Are You Getting

Sleep is one of those underrated processes that most depressed people tend to overlook. When you feel depressed this can sometimes effect your overall sleeping pattern – this can make the ‘dark feelings’ appear even worse

Exercise will help – as I mentioned above, and it will provide you with a greater chance at sleep. Try your best to stay away from those power naps every afternoon and try and get to bed within the same hour period every night.

Same Old, Same Old

Nothing ever changes but the shoes when you are depressed so try and make some changes. If you want to treat chronic depression naturally you should look at simple social changes in your life.

I suppose you could go out and sit on a park bench to read a newspaper or something but there’s very little challenge in this!

Why not volunteer to help others and spend some time with people less fortunate than yourself? 

If this seems a little to depressing for you then sign up for a language class. These types of classes are very cheap and usually council controlled these days – you can find them through a simple search online. 

What About a Mood Diary?

This is a relatively new form of treatment but I’m told it’s a great way to treat chronic depression naturally.

A mood diary is simply somewhere where you write down all the good things that have happened to you throughout the day and see how they outweigh the negative things.

A mood diary keeps negative events in perspective and serves as a reminder that good days do come around!


Another interesting and alternative way to treat chronic depression naturally is through acupuncture. There is no solid evidence that acupuncture can help with depression but a number of sufferers have come forward and claimed it has.

There was a study that took place in Arizona that favored the use of this alternative health method for depression – apparently 64% of the tested patients went into remission after the acupuncture sessions. 

If you have any information on alternative ways to treat chronic depression naturally we would love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below…

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