Natural Ways to Cure Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Hello again! In this article we will be covering a few natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy. When you are pregnant your whole world suddenly changes – the foods which you used to treat yourself to suddenly become the enemy and you are cautiously examining the ingredients of everything before purchase.

It get’s to a point that ANY dairy product you encounter must be rigorously checking before consumption – not much fun at all! So if you develop a yeast infection it stands to reason you may be a little worried about how to treat it. Don’t worry – here we introduce a few natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy so you can put you mind at rest!

Why Are You Experiencing Yeast Infection During Your Pregnancy

First things first – yeast in the vagina is not uncommon at all. The problem arises when to much yeast develops down there and the competing microorganisms start to lose every battle.

Yeast infections are VERY commonplace in pregnant women so don’t go around thinking you are the only one. There’s nothing dirty or unclean about it – it is a totally natural condition.

You have a higher level of estrogen during pregnancy which leads to the vagina producing much more glycogen. This glycogen unfortunately aids the rate yeast grows in the vagina.

It’s important to realize that a yeast infection will not harm your baby in any way so stop panicking about that issue! However if you still have the infection when giving birth there is a small chance the baby will develop thrush in it’s mouth after passing through the birth canal.

Curing The Yeast Infection

  • Yogurt is one of the cheapest natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy. By this we mean using the yogurt as a cream on the effected area. Now please don’t go out and buy a few budget fruit flavored yogurts from the local grocery store – these WILL NOT do the job! Purchase some plain and unsweetened yogurt – Greek yogurt if you can find any! Check the contents of the product to see what they contain, you are looking for live cultures such as acidophilus.
  • I know a lot of you out there will be against taking any sort of medical suppositories offered by the GP due to the baby’s health. Luckily garlic suppositories are another of the natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy. Now the procedure is not that much fun but it does work wonders when done correctly. Peel out a single clove of garlic and slice the clove a little ( tear it gradually so it does not split ). I would always recommend covering the clove with a gauze before inserting it into the vagina. From this point you simply insert and leave it overnight. The next morning the gauze should be an easy tool to use to get the clove back out. Rinse and repeat if necessary!
  • Tea tree oil has a lot of health uses but how many of you knew that it was looked upon as one of the more natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy? You can use tea tree oil of a form of medical wash for this condition. Now it’s important to point out that you need to dilute the tea tree oil in water to use as a wash. Don’t go all out and just splash it about – you will being causing yourself a lot of harm. No more than two drops in a small cup of water should do it. If you are particularly sensitive then don’t bother with this remedy – you will end up irritating yourself!
  • Prevention is one of the more effective natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy ( as it is will all medical conditions! ). If you are able to prevent the yeast infection in the first place then all the better for your future health. The natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy listed above will not have to come into play if you simply follow these simple rules – wear cotton underwear whenever possible, take showers instead of baths, remove a bathing suit as soon as you finish swimming and don’t ever use deodorants ‘down there’!

Before you consider the natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy we offer consider how far along you are with your pregnancy. If you are past the first trimester then anti-fungal creams or suppositories are thought to be safe.

However if you have any doubts, and I mean any doubts at all – then stick to the natural ways to cure yeast infection during pregnancy. You arrived on this page for a reason so go with your instincts!

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