Natural Remedies For Pollen Allergies

I know of so many friends that love the idea of the summer but not the effects. These same freinds hate the cold winter months and long for the july temperatures but when they finally arrive – disaster! I decided to include this article on natural remedies for pollen allergies due to the fact I know so many people who load up on antihistamines every summer and want a more natural alternative.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some natural remedies for pollen allergies……

Try Limiting Pollen Exposure

Natural Remedies For Pollen AllergiesI thought I better start off with this one seeing it sounds a little sarcastic!

Nobody wants to be indoors when the bright and crisp spring weather comes about. It’s been a miserable wet and cold winter and you want to experience as much outdoor action as possible – besides fresh air is good for you!

When the air is full of pollen you should be pulling out all the stops to combat it. Wear shades that cover your eyes and a brimmed hat of some sort. If you need to go outside try and do it before or after lunchtime.

When inside the house try to refrain from opening the windows out wide – use a fan if it’s stuffy. Once you have been outside change your clothes as quickly as possible and even squeeze in a shower if you have time.

It’s not exactly one of the natural remedies for pollen allergies but it beats stuffing yourself with medications every day!

Rinse Your Nasal Passages

I usually use this method when I have reactions to dust mites in specific houses – it works pretty well!

It’s one of the cheap and easy natural remedies for pollen allergies that anyone can use! It’s basically making up your own saline solution and then shooting it up your nose to clear it out ( yes it can become a little messy at times! ).

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Rinsing with a salt water solution decreases inflammation in the sinuses and flushes out those pesky pollen particles. You can use an empty syringe to do this but to be honest I have more luck using a neti pot.

This handy little device allows you to carefully pour the solution into one effected nostril and then out through the other. No, it’s not the nicest feeling or taste but it really does work wonders.

Handle The Hormones And Stress

Apparently there can be underlying factors that are making your pollen allergies even worse. One of the less fashionable natural remedies for pollen allergies is to keep your cortisol levels balanced.

When your cortisol levels become unbalanced your immune system gets it in the neck. This means that you are going to be more likely to react to certain allergies.

Healthy Diet And Exercise

Exercise can boost your immune system and this can be a big advantage when it comes to fighting allergies. If you combine this with a nutrient-rich diet you will see a difference in how often your allergy ‘trigger’ goes off!

Go Herbal

The plant extract butterbur is known to be very impressive when it comes to reducing airway inflammation. A recent study gave results that pointed to the plant extract being just as effective as your typical over-the-counter antihistamines.

Read More – National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs: The World’s Most Effective Healing Plants

How Often do You Shower?

I mentioned above that showering after being out in the pollen infested air is a good way to prevent reactions. It’s also a good way of clearing out your nasal passages once your allergy has been triggered.

A simple steaming hot shower can really clean out your nasal cavities and give you immediate relief from stuffiness and sneezing.


As a child I can remember on many an occasion having my head toweled over a bowl of steaming liquid – usually when I was suffering from a cold.

Natural remedies for pollen allergies don’t have to be complicated – this is a quick and easy alternative to having a shower ( after all you don’t want to be jumping in and out of the shower all day long do you? ).

Eucalyptus oil

The strong and simple menthol feel from Eucalyptus oil can work wonders on an itchy nose. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that go along with the ‘menthol effect’ and can make breathing a lot less irritable.

The steam method we just mentioned above works really well with a few drops of Eucalyptus oil added to the water!

If you know of any natural remedies for pollen allergies that we have not included here today please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. The more information this article can provide the better :)

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