Natural Remedies For Nervousness

natural remedies for nervousnessIn this article we will be looking at a selection of natural remedies for nervousness. As a youngster I suffered from an extreme lack of confidence in certain social and academic areas.

I found it quite incapacitating at the time as it seemed to block off certain avenues that I felt were the right avenues for me. For some reason I would feel terror struck if I was introduced to a group of more than three people.

When I was one on one with people I had little problem in communicating and getting things across but as soon as the group grew – my confidence faded…..

Why Am I Nervous?

It’s not the best first impression really is it? I’ve been to job interviews where I have really not come across to well. What kind of boss wants to hire a guy that is sweaty and has shaky hands?

For More Information Try – Free Yourself From Anxiety: A self-help guide to overcoming anxiety disorders

Nervousness can be an infrequent, circumstantially bound problem or it could be down to something a lot more serious. It’s how you cope with the nervousness that counts.

The Signs

Once you are able to notice the signs you may well be able to divert the problem:

  • Upset stomach along with upset bowels ( and even vomiting in some cases! )
  • Your heart really starts to speed up
  • A very dry mouth accompanied by bad breath
  • The dreaded sweaty hands ( hate this one! )
  • Flushes ( both hot and cold )
  • No chance of holding your concentration
  • Finding it hard to breathe all of a sudden
  • Agitated – very restless and unable to feel happy about anything
  • A dizzy uncontrollable feeling within your head

Overcoming Nervousness

Before you jump into choosing one of the natural remedies for nervousness, stop and think about how it actually effects you.

Is the anxiety really that bad? If you feel nervousness before a event then it may not be a bad thing. In some cases that little spike of nervousness can be the difference between success and failure!

Performance can be boosted when a little anxiety is thrown into the equation – but when a LOT of anxiety is felt it can work the other way.

There are many different treatments available to conquer this problem but it’s important to judge what level of anxiety you are feeling first.

The natural remedies for nervousness we are covering should be aimed at treating occasional or situational nervousness. There are simple enough coping mechanisms that go along with these more natural cures as well.

If you feel you have a very severe case of anxiety then it is best to contact your local GP or doctor before centering on any one treatment.

Natural Remedies For Nervousness – Video

There are a of of examples of herbal remedies out there like passiflora, valerian and scullcap. I have heard many positive reports on homeopathic methods to.

It’s all down to personal opinion at the end of the day but to help you decide we found this excellent video and decided to showcase it here. It’s released by Health Talk and it covers a variety of natural remedies for nervousness. It’s only just over six minutes long but it covers a lot of options, see what you think….

Food And Nervous Feelings

That’s right – our diet can play a big part in how anxious or nervous we are feeling. Unfortunately a lot of the foods that produce serotonin are not exactly great for dieting purposes.

Take carbohydrates for instance – they create boat loads of serotonin but they are awful for your general health and your waistline! Carbs like pasta or potatoes actually do a great job of working as a type of tranquilizer on your body.

Most of the protein grouped foods contain high levels of vitamin B which is thought to be rather effective when tackling nervous feelings. Try consuming tuna, salmon or chicken – all three are known to help in certain cases.

Tackle The Problem

Remember that it is not as obvious as you think – other people will not always realize you are going through nervous feelings. There’s nothing worse than thinking you appear a freak – it just makes the anxiety worse!

You’ve probably seen it in a lot of comedy scenes but deep breathing will help! Just try to breathe in slowly and deeply through your nostrils and remember to hold the breath in for a little bit before breathing out slowly.

Try and get a grip of your frustration – it will only lead to negative thoughts which in turn will lead to more anxiety. Your condition is manageable but you must remain positive!

If you have suffered with anxiety or are aware of some natural remedies for nervousness we have not included here today please leave your thoughts in the comment section below :)

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