Natural Remedies For Allergies During Pregnancy

Allergies are extremely common through the pregnant months – about 25% of all pregnant women suffer with them! The strange thing is that not all of these women are long term sufferers of allergies – some of them have never experienced allergic reactions before!

In a lot of cases it’s simply hormone-induced swelling in the nasal passages. But for the more extreme cases we have this article on natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy…..

Regular Forms

Most women would choose antihistamines over the more natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy if they could. The problem is what was once safe to take is not safe at all now!

Natural Remedies For Allergies During Pregnancy

Any mother out there will tell you the list of danger items grows tenfold when you are expecting. All of a sudden you have to check every label and eliminate certain foods from your diet – the list goes on and on…..

A word of caution – if you do decide to go down the more medical route for allergies make sure you run every treatment through with your GP or doctor FIRST.

Decrease The Allergens – Kill The Problem!

You know the old saying – prevention is better than a cure. Well this is the case when it comes to natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy.

Of course whether you choose to take medication for these allergies is totally up to you – but some sort of prevention would be beneficial yes?

There are a couple of things you can do around your home to try and lessen your exposure and hopefully tame your symptoms. First of all check out all your mattresses and pillows. Look at all the labels and make sure they are made out of these synthetic types of stuffing. There are a lot of bed products out there that still use these downy materials – stay well away from them!

What is your vacuum cleaner like? How many years have you had it for? This could be one of the causes of the allergic reactions you are experiencing!

If you can try and get hold of a vacuum that has a HEPA filter ( see link below! ) fitted to it and dust surfaces with an electrostatic cloth.

Miele S5281 Solution HEPA Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 2200 Watt, Lotus White

In some cases it could even be the carpet itself that is causing the problems within the home. It might be a good idea to pull the whole thing up and lay down some easy to maintain hardwood instead!

Natural Remedies

But prevention might not be enough – it’s down to the individual at the end of the day! Below are a few natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy that are recommended:

  • If you regularly eat some local honey then the effects of hay fever can be drastically reduced. It’s all down to the tiny specks of pollen that reside within the honey!
  • If you suffer from skin allergies then you may want to try out this technique – simply run a bath through a muslin bag that is full of porridge oats as they act as a natural antihistamine!
  • We’re back to that good old favorite Apple Cider Vinegar! This is another easy technique where you simply ingest the apple cider vinegar with water – mix it down until it tastes palatable.
  • I mentioned local honey above and this also comes into play with this method here to! Simply mix up some nettle tea with some local honey and drink. I have also been advised that it is effective through the winter months – drinking it as a preventative measure!
  • One of the most common natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy comes in the form of lavender oil. No it’s not another old wive’s tale – apparently it does work! Simply rub a little behind your ears whenever the symptoms persist!

As I mentioned earlier what you choose to handle your allergies is up to you. If you go down the route of natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy then you will be eliminating the risk factor. If you go down the route of antihistamines then please contact your doctor first!

Pregnancy is not to be taken lightly so whenever you have a query ( no matter how ridiculous ) run it through your local doctor first!

If you know of any natural remedies for allergies during pregnancy then we would love to include them with this article. Please leave them in the comment section below :)

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