Natural Laxative Home Remedy

By offering you a natural laxative home remedy or two we are hoping to get things moving again ( that’s the politest way I could think of putting it! ). There’s nothing regular about bowel movements……if you want to go – you go, if not – you struggle!

Everyone is different! It doesn’t really matter if you go five times a day or five times a week – when constipation hit’s you it’s no laughing matter!

If your bowel movements dry up, your deposits seem to hard or you are struggling to go then you are probably in the constipation zone ( not to be confused with the twilight zone! ).

Fortunately this is not a symptom you need to get over-excited about – worry will get you nowhere and constipation is normally not a sign of a lingering disease! By making use of a natural laxative home remedy you can get over the constipation symptoms rather quickly.

NOTE – constipation can bring about a few symptoms that are normal but should still be checked out by the doctor ( after all you can’t be to careful! ). Blood in the deposit, weight loss and severe stomach pains ARE reasons to book a doctors appointment – just to put your mind at rest!

Tastes Pretty Bad But Does The Job – Fish Oil!

Omega-3 fatty acids make for an effective natural laxative home remedy. These fatty acids help out a number of bodily functions including digestion. Fish oils are the best way of getting these effective fatty acids into our bodies. You can include fish in your meals or opt for the supplement route.

Personally I prefer to eat fish in it’s whole form – I’m not one for taking supplements as it does not feel that natural. If you go for the ‘all natural’ route then I suggest sticking to the cold water fish like salmon or mackerel – high source of omega-3’s in each!

If you do choose the supplement route then do so using a little caution. Sure they are natural supplements but you don’t really want to over-do it with them. These supplements offer an effective natural laxative home remedy but there are a few drawbacks with them….

First of all they can lead to certain bleeding risks – if you have a bleeding disorder then I would recommend eating natural fish instead of the supplements. I’ve also found ( from personal experience unfortunately! ) that high levels of this natural laxative home remedy tend to cause an increase in gas. This is obviously a little embarrassing at the best of times!

Back in The 1950’s – Castor Oil

Remember the characters in those old comic editions that got fed castor oil by their mum when they were ill? Well there is a good reason for that! I’m not saying it tastes good – it doesn’t. But if you want a FAST working natural laxative home remedy then castor oil is the boy for you!

Castor oil will cause your bowels to move at some point – that’s a given! But with this effectiveness comes a few downsides really. You need to be careful when you ingest this liquid! I wouldn’t recommend you taking any before you go on a date and I wouldn’t recommend you take any before you go to bed at night! This stuff is FAST ACTING and it will catch you out!

As I mentioned above this natural laxative home remedy tastes bad…..and I mean real bad! It’s always advisable to mix up the castor oil with various other juices or even some sort of soda – anything to get rid of that taste!

It’s Not Just For Old People – Fiber!

This is the most simple and obvious natural laxative home remedy out there. Considering we are recommended to take in up to 35 grams of fiber a day this is a no-brainer really. If you are suffering from constipation then simply up you fiber level.

This can be done in a number of ways – eat more whole grains, eat more fruits and eat more vegetables.

Now don’t just think you can down shed loads of fiber and the constipation problem will go away – there is a little caution involved here. Sure, eat more fiber but make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water with it.

Fiber with no water involved will make constipation a lot worse and a lot more painful – take it from me!

That Funny Word From Yogurt Adverts – Probiotics

We’ve all seen the TV adverts claiming certain yogurts have good bacteria in them and so on and so on….

Well this is true! These yogurts contain Probiotics which are bacteria that can live inside our intestines and aid digestion. Examples of Probiotics are Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Sacchromyces Boulardi.

As well as yogurts this natural laxative home remedy also comes in supplement form. These are a relatively new method of natural laxative home remedy but most of the research is pointing to the fact that they are quite effective in reliving constipation.

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