natural cures for diaper rash

A diaper rash can be a painful experience for your baby which in turn becomes a worry for you. Natural cures for diaper rash can soothe the area and avoid allergic reactions at the same time.

The Causes

natural cures for diaper rashThe diaper always retains moisture and therefore becomes pretty warm and stuffy. In this warmth organisms begin to grow within the diaper. The moisture also causes the skin to break out in a rash when it rubs against itself.

In a lot of cases baby get’s more than his/her share of rash due to allergies. If your baby is showing signs of particularly bad rash then it is important you find what food allergen is starting the whole process off. 

Another common cause is the build up of yeast. If this occurs then remove any foodstuff that contains refined sugar ( it’s not that good for the human body anyway! ) as yeast can gain strength and feed on it. 

There are cases where the baby’s digestive system is playing up. If this is the case the good bacteria within the digestive system is pretty low. Many health stores offer probiotic supplements to combat this and build up the decent bacteria again.

Of course if you are choosing to use supplements of any kind please remember to check with your local doctor or GP first

Natural Cures For Diaper Rash

Now you know the reasons for the rash appearing it’s time to delve into the natural cures for diaper rash to see if we can get rid of it!

(1) The effected area must always be kept as clean as possible – make sure it is dry and does not remain wet for any length of time. If you are at home for any length of time consider letting the child go naked for a bit – let the air get at it

(2) When a diaper needs to be changed it needs to be changed! This requires prompt action on your side. Don’t leave a dirty nappy on for any length of time. Remember – prompt changing! 

(3) There is an extract of marigold which is really effective for helping the skin heal up nicely. It’s called Calendula and it’s anti-microbial – it’s really good at getting rid of discomfort because it is a type of natural anti inflammatory. The organisms that grow within a wet nappy are also handled well by Calendula.

*We Recommend – Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Cream 75ml

(4) I was once advised to use baking soda within my bath water as a way of treating a skin condition I had. It turns out that this method also works wonders for nappy rash! It makes a great soothing agent and it has the ability to restore the pH balance of the effected skin area

(5) I haven’t tried this method personally but I hear that chamomile tea is one of the more effective natural cures for diaper rash. A couple of my friends recommend it and I have come across numerous forum posts that also recommend it. Simply make some tea and then let it cool right down and use as a sort of wash. 

(6) One of the more simple natural cures for diaper rash is to use egg white on the effected area. This is one of the home remedies my mother ( and lots of other mothers from her generation ) swear by! 

As I mentioned earlier – if you are worried about using ANYTHING on your child then it is best to contact your doctor first. Don’t mess about – your child’s health is your number one priority! If you think your child’s particular dose of nappy rash is a little extreme then I suggest seeking medical advice as soon as possible.

We would love for you to contribute to this discussion by letting us know about any other Natural cures for diaper rash. You can get in touch with us by using the comment section below. You can also leave any new remedies we have not included in the same section below. 

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