Natural Cures For Colds

In this article we will be looking over the information we have gathered on natural cures for colds. For some reason we have failed to cover the subject of colds on this site so far ( so we apologize! )​. Considering it is probably the most common virus on the planet you would have thought we would of got to it sooner but we often get lost in other subjects!

So without further ado lets check out the options available for natural cures for colds…..

Vitamin D

Yes most people will churn out the ‘make sure you take plenty of Vitamin C’ line but not many people will think about Vitamin D. It turns out that the overlooked vitamin D is actually one of the more effective natural cures for colds.

Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU, 360 Softgels

I have been told that it works best as a preventative measure but boosting your intake once you have contracted the cold virus is also effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar

AGAIN we settle on this wonder liquid as another big player – at times it seems as if this whole site is based around apple cider vinegar!

When we have a cold the virus somehow puts our bodies into a high acidic state. This high acidic state makes it really hard for the immune system to fight off any sort of virus or disease.

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 473 ml

Apple cider vinegar is a really good alkalizing agent so it will help take on the cold and it’s symptoms at the same time! I find it nicest to make a sort of brew with it – simply mix in a bit of hot water and honey and lemon to the apple cider vinegar. You can drink this little brew as many times a day as you wish.

Vitamin C

We pretty much covered this in the vitamin D section but it really should have it’s own place on this page. Every mother’s favorite – vitamin C! Out of all the natural cures for colds this should be the first one on your list. It doesn’t matter how you get it in you body just get it in there somehow!

Personally I always vouch for plenty of fruit as I don’t feel like eating much when I’m under the weather anyway. Apples are my weapon of choice but there are simple forms of vitamin C that dissolve in water – the choice is yours!


It’s a vital part of honey and lemon toddies but simple, raw honey on it’s own is a great healing agent when you have a cold. It’s a one of the most effective natural cures for colds as it contains a diverse amount of antioxidants.

As we mentioned above honey mixes really well with apple cider vinegar so try and combine the two in a nice hot drink!


We have covered ginger for more anti-inflammatory purposes on this site already but it is also one of the natural cures for colds that a lot of people choose. I was informed about a month back that ginger likes to target the stomach area. This is beneficial for cold sufferers as digestion can go ‘off key’ when ill.

Ginger is also known to naturally heat the body up causing minor perspiration/sweating. This sweating will expel the toxins and other harmful virus related bodies inside you.


I can only ever find zinc in tablet or lozenge form unfortunately but it is awesome at taking on the sniffing and sneezing side of colds. Zinc also works really well with your immune system tackling the overall effect of colds and how often you get them.


How I wished I had listened to my mother about a decade ago! I thought she was turning into a bit of a hippy when she came out with these little herbal pills called Echinacea. As it happens she was bang on the money – this stuff has now been proven as one of the best natural cures for colds AND one of the best prevention methods!

Solgar FP Echinacea Vegetable Capsules – 100 Vegicaps

Apparently if you start taking this wonder root after you have a cold it can reduce the length of your cold by up to seven days!

Oil of Oregano

This is one of the little known natural cures for colds but it is very effective due to four specific groups of chemicals that synergistically promote healing and strong immunity. It basically enters the body and stops viruses from having an easy time once you have contracted them.

Coconut Oil

This oil never fails to amaze me! It’s good for cooking, skin, hair and much, much more. The coconut oil manages to get into viral cells and destroy the protective coatings they have – this effectively kills them off!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article today – we hope you have found what you are looking for! If you have any other natural cures for colds we have not covered today then please tell us about them in the comment section below.

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