Natural Cures For Allergies to Dogs

I love cats and dogs – I don’t especially like the toilet duties that come along with dogs but I love them all the same! Unfortunately I have an allergy to female cats – why just female cats? I don’t know! I dislike the fact that I have to avoid them sometimes especially when they are looking for attention. We are including this article on natural cures for allergies to dogs because of all the dog lovers who have to keep their distance.

What to do?

Natural Cures For Allergies to DogsWhen looking into natural cures for allergies to dogs it’s important to remember that finding an outright magic cure is not going to be possible.

Most of the options are down to fighting the battle with preventative measures. All dogs produce dander (shed skin cells), saliva, and urine so a trigger is inevitable really.

It’s all down to environmental controls and controlling the amount of animal dander in the home:

Keep Your Dog Away From The Bedroom

A dog-free room is one of the essential natural cures for allergies to dogs. You need at least one dog-free room in the house where there is no dander and you are able to breathe in peace.

Once you express to your dog how wrong it is for them to go into the bedroom they will soon get the message. Raise your voice on a few occasions to let them know it is off limits – they’re not that stupid!

Carpets or Floorboards?

Animal dander gets everywhere and carpets can harbor it for long periods between vacuuming. People who are looking into natural cures for allergies to dogs should think about stripping the home of carpeted areas and having a wood or laminate finish instead.

These types of flooring are very easily washable and therefore a lot less dander will end up in the living areas.

Dogs Don’t Like Baths But……

Yeah, it’s not going to be your dog’s favorite period of the week but it will help tenfold if you start doing it frequently.

Baths can greatly reduce the level of allergens on fur when you are using a special dog shampoo ( do not use regular shampoo! ). Don’t go overboard and bath them every day – this will not be good for their skin or their hair! It is usually recommended to bath about twice a week.

Recommended Dog Shampoo – Groomers Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo 500ml

Brushing the dogs hair after a bath ( or grooming at any point ) can bring it’s own allergic dangers along. If your dog needs frequent grooming then it may be an idea to wear a simple face mask during the process.

Wash The Dogs Belongings

As you can probably tell by now washing seems to play a big part in natural cures for allergies to dogs.

You are trying your best to get rid of accelerated skin shedding that leads to dander in the dog hair.

Wash everything frequently – this means your dog’s bedding, cushions and their covers along with any soft toys they spend a lot of time around.

The Simple Things

Try not to forget about the simple things as these can really make a difference. Leave the windows open to air out the house and to suck some of the dog allergens out ( I wouldn’t advise doing this in the high pollen season though! ).

Take care of your hands when interacting with the dog. Once you have touched the dog for whatever reason try and wash your hands afterwards. Also try your best not to touch your eyes or face in general after contact with a dog ( again wash your hands first! ).

Keep The Dog Out of The Car

How many hours a week do you spend in your car? If you’re anything like me then this will be a pretty high number.

If this is the case then you really should think about keeping the dog away from your car. Why would you want to create an allergy problem in one of the places that should provide you with salvation?

If you have any thoughts or ideas on the subject of natural cures for allergies to dogs then we would love to hear from you. Please leave them in the comment section below and we will respond to them as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by!

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