Knee Pain And Swelling After Running

If you are a habitual runner you might have experienced knee pain and swelling after running. It’s a common alignment among runners and it is sometimes referred to as ‘runners knee’.

Although knee pain and swelling after running is the most common sport complaint, the pain also surfaces after other sporting activities. I have heard a lot of complaints from people taking part in distance walking and cycling events.

pain in knee after running

It’s important to remember that runners knee is just a term for the pain that you are experiencing. The actual condition is related to a few disorders that have differing causes….

Knee Pain And Swelling After Running Through Overuse

It’s pretty obvious that the more you use a joint the more wear and tear it is going to receive. The nerves inside the kneecap can get irritated through constant bending and the impact of running strides. The tendons within the knee can also start to strain through overuse and begin to cause pain.

Direct Injury

This is pretty self explaining really and is the most common cause of knee pain. Direct trauma to the knee after a bad running accident/fall or even a strong blow to the area.


This was the cause of my knee pain and swelling after running and it was pretty hard work combating it. I damaged my knee about thirteen years ago and I suffer from misalignment now. It means the weight in my body does not distribute itself properly. In turn the wrong parts of my body bare the brunt of the weight when I’m running and pain ensues.

For example – if you have had an ankle injury in the past this could lead to knee pain and swelling after running now.

Flat Feet

Again, this is another very common cause of knee pain and swelling after running. Flat feet are one of the reasons an army application might be frowned upon by the army in the UK so you can imagine the pain they can cause.

Runner’s knee can result from flat feet, also called fallen arches. The arches of your foot sort of cave in when you have flat feet and this can cause a very painful knee situation. The muscles and tendons within the knee can get tender through stretching.

Treatment For Knee Pain And Swelling After Running

The treatments for knee pain and swelling after running are very similar to the treatments listed on the Home Remedies For Knee Pain And Swelling of this page except from the following:

– Take anti-inflammatory painkillers

– Stretching and general strength exercises before and after the running session

– Purchase arch supports for your running shoes.

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