Home Treatment For a Broken Toe

In this article we will be looking at a few methods used with home treatment for a broken toe. Quite a painful experience overall ( I have been there! ) but if the painkillers are not doing it for you check out these easy steps to use at home….

The Toehome treatment for a broken toe

You would be surprised how easy it is to break a toe ( my current count is at two! ). The toes are made up of three small bones which are pretty easy to fracture if you snub one of them or drop something weighty on them.

If you manage to break your big toe then you may need further help – a home treatment for a broken toe might not cut it! This usually involves the use of a cast or splint but in very rare cases surgery may also be called upon.

What Gifts A Broken Toe Can Provide You!

Yes I’m being a little sarcastic in the title – broken toes seldom offer anything positive! You can expect a great deal of pain, swelling, bruising that can last up until about ten days and a really stiff feeling within the toe itself ( naturally! ).

Sometimes you can also end up with a pretty crooked looking toe shape. This could be a problem and the toe can set in the wrong direction causing you future problems.

You’ll be pleased to know that in most cases toes tend to heal themselves with the proper home care. Unfortunately this process can take up to about six weeks.

Symptom Relief

Much of the home treatment for a broken toe starts of with handling the symptoms first. For the first few weeks after the fracture try the following steps out:

  • Make sure you rest properly and stop doing any activity that causes your foot to throb at you. It’s best to aim to keep the foot as immobile as possible.
  • Chances are you will not get to much sleep on your first night after breaking the toe. Spend your time applying an ice pack to the toe once every two hours. Make sure the ice is wrapped well – it’s not a good idea to put the ice directly against your skin!
  • Always try your best to keep the injured foot elevated – keep it high above the level of your heart as often as possible.
  • A common home treatment for a broken toe is to simply down a couple of cheap painkillers – paracetamol or ibuprofen would do just fine!

One Step Further

A lot of people tend to look to Buddy Taping as a home treatment for a broken toe – but it’s not a necessity and in some cases it could make matters worse! Buddy Taping is a relatively easy process but can prove a little painful when the toe is freshly broken/fractured.

Simply wrap tape around the injured toe and the toe next to it – this helps keep your toe stable. Always try to leave a small amount of cotton wool between the two taped toes to stop them from sweating into one another. Don’t leave this cotton wool in there for longer than a 24 hour period though – things could start to smell pretty bad ( change it every day! ).

Shoes seem to be a touchy subject when it comes to home treatment for a broken toe. Regular shoes tend to be much to soft to handle a broken toe so it may be best to make a visit to the doctor. Doctors can, in some cases, offer you the use of a stiff bottomed shoe. These special shoes are excellent for supporting the injured toe but also making sure it has enough room for the swelling.

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Don’t just lie about from day to day! Sure, a home treatment for a broken toe does involve a lot of rest but you need to make sure you are working the muscles a little bit. Slowly start to walk a little bit every day and gradually increase the time or distance.

It will be stiff and it will be sore at first but after a while the muscles will come back to life and you will feel the toe work a little better ( day by day! ).

If you have any tips on a home treatment for a broken toe that we have not included here today then please include them in the comment section below this article. Thanks for stopping by!

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