Home Remedies For Constipation in Adults

Welcome to our article dedicated to the subject of home remedies for constipation in adults. Not the most pleasant of topics I know but if you have ever suffered with this complaint…..you will be happy enough for any information given on the subject.

Let’s be honest here – home remedies for constipation in adults is probably one of the subjects we prefer to avoid in everyday conversations. Fitting in can sometimes be tough enough without throwing this kind of bombshell into the equation!

Many people will be willing to share their bad back symptoms or blocked nose discomfort with you but not so many would be willing to discuss their pooping regime! It’s a shame really as constipation is something people should not really be shy or embarrassed about – it’s a really common complaint. So without further ado let’s look at some home remedies for constipation in adults and see if we can get things moving again ( see what I did there! )

Check The Oil!

Oil is not just for the smooth running of car engines – it’s for the smooth running of your system as well! Oil is one of the more common home remedies for constipation in adults but it seems to be a little overlooked these days.

Before I go any further – I’m not talking about engine oil here ( yuck! ). Simple olive oil is one of the great tasting home remedies for constipation in adults! It has a way of stimulating your digestive system which in turn gets the freeway inside your colon moving correctly.

Consuming olive oil on it’s own isn’t really the greatest of feelings so I suggest maybe adding a little lemon juice in a small shot glass and mixing. Consume on an empty stomach for best results.

Did You Just Mention Lemons?

Yes we did! Lemon juice is another one of the great home remedies for constipation in adults. Lemon juice is known for being an active stimulant for your digestive system. It also works well as an agent to flush out all the bad stuff from your stomach lining like toxins or undigested foodstuffs.

Again drinking pure lemon juice by itself isn’t exactly a nectar I could get used to so mix in a little mineral water and away you go!

The Power of Coffee!

There is more than one reason people decide to drink coffee every morning. Sure they like the ‘pick me up’ it gives them but it also gets things moving in the right direction. Yes coffee stimulates the digestive system and speeds up the morning ‘deposit’.

I always tend to stick to one or two cups and no more because coffee can dehydrate you. If this happens then it will actually make the constipation worse!

Get up! Get up!

Out of all the home remedies for constipation in adults this is probably the simplest – just move! You are trying to get things going inside your body so why don’t you get things going outside you body as well?

Home remedies for constipation in adults are becoming more popular because people’s lifestyle’s involve a lot of sitting down. To be honest most of us sit about far more often than we are active – this is not good for digestion! It’s never advisable for you to exercise to much straight after eating but a simple walk would be fine.


This is probably one of the first home remedies for constipation in adults we should have covered due to it’s popularity. Truth of the matter is that a majority of people already know about this little beauty. It’s one of those home remedies for constipation in adults that seems to be easy to talk about in TV commercials ( for once! ).

Whatever way you look at it the outcome is always the same – the healthier our diet the less chance of constipation. This is down to the fact that our bodies are created to process more natural foods as opposed to the processed rubbish.

These more natural foods contain a high level of fiber and this is very helpful to us. Fiber is a substance that the body cannot digest therefore it acts as a type of sponge inside you. Internally it soaks up water pretty well making it expand a little – it is excellent for the pushing process ( if you know what I mean! ).

Aloe Vera Cures All!

It’s a little known fact that aloe is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation in adults. You’ve probably heard about the benefits to the skin and burns but were a little unsure about the benefits to the tummy!

If you have a aloe house plant handy then all the better – they are a lot more concentrated than the stuff you buy at the local supermarket! One or two tablespoons should do the trick and it doesn’t really taste that bad!

Create a Routine

This is the type of routine you use with children when you are attempting to potty train them. It’s all good and well looking into home remedies for constipation in adults but prevention is better than a cure!

Try and build a routine for your ‘toilet sessions’ and try it out a few times a day. Don’t worry if at first nothing happens – you are attempting to teach your body when to release so it won’t happen overnight!

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