Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief

In this article we will be looking at home remedies for arthritis pain relief. It comes at a certain age and it’s quite off-putting really – pain for no apparent reason in your joints!

There are apparently over a hundred different forms of arthritis and it varies from mild to severe suffering. It’s all based around inflammation, swelling and redness of the joints.

Like any medical symptom in life you can simply take a visit to the local doctor and get dosed up on medication but a lot of people prefer the more natural way. There is good evidence pointing towards staying active combined with home remedies for arthritis pain relief. Here we will cover a few of the options…..

Apple Cider Vinegar Medication

Don’t worry….I’m not going to make you spread vinegar all over your body! I know you just had visions of walking about smelling of vinegar for the next few months ( as I did when I first came across this method! )

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946 ml

This is one of the home remedies for arthritis pain relief that comes in drink format ( thankfully! ). Apple cider vinegar is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

It is a very handy method for relieving pain in your joints – the minerals help destroy the toxins in the joint’s tissues and are good for your overall health.

The drink is simple enough – heat up a cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and another of honey. You will be pleasantly surprised at how nice the overall taste is. This is a rinse and repeat method to be used every morning.

Simple Ginger

One of the simplest and cheapest home remedies for arthritis pain relief is ginger. It can be picked up in just about any store or grocers for a matter of pennies! Ginger is a well known natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that has proven to be very effective.

I’m not going to attempt to give you some sort of recipe here as ginger fits in with a lot of foods and a good number of drinks to. I have been introduced to a few internet recipes which in all honesty look revolting! Simply go through some trial and error with the foodstuff and see what you come out with!

Who’s up For a Massage?

When it comes to inflammation or joint pain you can always throw a good old massage in their. There seems to be a massage technique for nearly every aliment out there at the moment!

Massage is not one of the cheaper home remedies for arthritis pain relief but it is effective. I feel it’s not recommended to go the cheap route ( i.e. get a friend to do it! ) as it could likely make things a lot worse.

I have heard about certain oils being touted as home remedies for arthritis pain relief. You may want to look into them for oils to be used during the massage ( mustard oil and eucalyptus oil being two of them! ). At the end of the day the massage therapist will probably know what oil is best for the condition you have so don’t be afraid to ask them.

Turmeric ( Again! )

Yes it’s time for that oldie to come into play again – Turmeric! If you are a regular to this site then you have probably already come across this little wonder – it’s great for inflammation!

Swanson Turmeric 720mg, 240 Capsules

Turmeric is one of the home remedies for arthritis pain relief that comes in simple capsule form. Last time I checked the capsule strengths ranged from 500mg to 1000mg sizes. If you want to get ‘properly natural’ about it then you can purchase some Turmeric powder to add to the food or drink of your choice!

Try Using Some Epsom Salts

One of the most effective home remedies for arthritis pain relief is magnesium. Magnesium helps regulate the pH levels in the body and this, in turn, lowers the levels of inflammation within the body.

Eposm salts have a very high magnesium content and can simply be added to bath water or taken orally ( I prefer the first option though! ).

I Love Cakes……Do You?

Oh yes……out of all the home remedies for arthritis pain relief I like this baby the most! I think I’ve saved the best for last here in this case! Cinnamon has brilliant anti-inflammatory properties and is also jam-packed with antioxidants.

If you are a half decent cook there are numerous tasty ways you can introduce cinnamon into your diet. The more creative the better and who doesn’t like cakes or pastries?

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