Home Cures For Strep Throat – Fast And Simple Relief

In this article we will be looking over the various home cures for strep throat available to you. A simple visit to the doctors will result in a course of antibiotics but not everybody seems to be up for this course of action. A lot of people tend to prefer natural ways to help their body heal itself so we thought we’d cover a few of them here.

A Change in Diet

This is probably the simplest of the home cures for strep throat due to the fact it only involves a slight diet change. If you consume a lot of dairy and sugar within your meals you are likely to suffer from a worsening throat condition.

Sugar always tends to feed the bacteria and then the dairy products create more and more mucous. By removing or cutting down these elements you will see a change in your strep throat symptoms.

Echinacea – That Plant Root You Hear So Much About!

So it seems that Echinacea is not just for staving off colds after all! This is one of the easier home cures for strep throat and it does not really cost that much. Apparently this plant root is able to reduce the inflammation within your throat and take on the bacteria. Simply crush up a few natural Echinacea tablets and dissolve/mix them into a glass of water. Gargle the contents of the glass as often as you can within a daily period – you will be surprised with the results.

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Another Gargle? This Time With Salt!

Another one of the basic but effective home cures for strep throat is simple salt water. If you gargle with warm water a few times a day you will notice that it will loosen up the mucus and take a stand against the bacteria. One teaspoon of salt in a glass of water will always be more than enough but the taste can be a little nasty at times!

A Cup of Tea

The home cures for strep throat we have covered so far take effect over a little time. For more immediate relief a simple cup of herbal tea will suffice. Certain teas also contain a quantity of antioxidants that will help in the fight against infection.

Good Old Chicken Soup!

You can’t beat a bit of chicken soup when you are feeling under the weather – it seems to cure everything doesn’t it? Eating can be a really painful experience when you have a throat problem so chicken soup is a great dietary option.

The sodium that chicken broths offer are said to contain anti-inflammatory properties that could well help with the irritation of the throat infection.

Listen to Your Doctor – Rest!

How many of us actually take note of what our doctors are saying and try and get rest when we are ill? Not many of us at a guess. One of the most obvious home cures for strep throat is to actually put your feet up and get some rest for once!

It makes perfect sense really – making sure your body is really well rested will make sure it has the capabilities to fight off the cold a lot sooner.

Cider Vinegar Hot Drink

Now I know a lot of people turn their noses up at this remedy because of the taste ‘idea’ of it. Please don’t let that put you off as the taste is quite palatable ( I promise! ). It is a simple mix of honey, cider vinegar ( apple always works best! ) and hot water. You drink it when it is hot – you DO NOT want to try this stuff once it has gone cold ( yuck! ).

If you know of any other home cures for strep throat why don’t you drop us a line by leaving your idea in the comment section below. Any extra information on the subject will be greatly appreciated and will only make this article better! Cheers!

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