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In this article we will be looking at a handful of home cures for ringworm as an alternative to the more ‘medical’ route. If you are suffering with this fungus related illness and you fancy trying the alternative or natural way to handle it read on….


Home Cures For Ringworm Well it’s not just for fending off vampires guys – it works on ringworm fungal infections to! Garlic is one of the top anti-fungal foods and has been a known home remedy for many different ailments for many a century now!

It’s one of the most simplest home cures for ringworm you can come across! Basically take a clove and slice it down into thin strips then apply it to the fungal area. Use a simple band aid or plaster to hold the garlic in place.

I would always suggest keeping the plaster in place overnight – I know it’s a bit smelly but it is worth it in the long run! There is no limit as to how often you can use  garlic – the more you use it the better the results really so go mad ( but watch the smell!).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Now I’ve lost count the amount of times I have mentioned apple cider vinegar as a home remedy on this site – it’s awesome! It’s a pretty easy to apply method to – simply use a cotton bud to spread the vinegar over the ringworm. Again you can use this method as frequently as you want – one of the great home cures for ringworm ( and just about everything else to! ).

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946 ml

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has a lengthy history of helping to treat cuts, burns, and infections. It’s a very popular and important ingredient in certain top shelf shampoos and conditioners. Now it’s important to realize that you should not use tea tree oil ‘neat’ on your ringworm infection. Make sure you water it down about 50:50 before applying to the ringworm area.

Nelsons Tea Tree Cream 50g

Vinegar And Salt Mix

This is probably the most cost effective of home cures for ringworm that we are going to cover today. All you have to do is create a very simple paste by mixing salt and vinegar together and leave it sit for about half an hour. Apply to the ringworm and let it soak right in. I have heard reports that this paste can actually sting a little but when sinking into the fungal area so be prepared for this.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is basically the ‘daddy’ when it comes to most ( if not all ) skin conditions. Yep you’ve guessed it – it smashes ringworm to! Simply apply to the ringworm area and keep on applying the treatment until the ringworm subsides.

Coconut Oil

I was not aware of this being one of the effective home cures for ringworm until recently. A friend of mine had forced me into the idea of cooking/frying with coconut oil as a healthy alternative. I started using it for cooking and she also pointed out how advantageous it can be for the skin to.

The healing properties of coconut oil are extremely effective when it comes to taking on fungal infections like ringworm. The oil provides great relief from itchy skin while making the area smooth and soft. A lot of ringworm infections seem to gather around the scalp area. Coconut oil works well if this has happened to you – simply use as a sort of leave-in conditioner overnight then wash out the next morning – simply rinse and repeat!

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 500ml

Mustard Seeds

These little beauties are not the most popular of home cures for ringworm but they really are effective. Don’t apply the seed directly to the ringworm – there is a little preparation first!

You must soak the mustard seeds in water for about half an hour then lay them out on a chopping board. Grind them out as much as you can to make up a thick paste-type substance then apply to the fungal area. Leave on the ringworm for as long as possible and then gently brush off.

Nail Polish

This is one of the home cures for ringworm that was sent into us a few weeks back when we first started our research into this article. I’ll be honest with you – at first I thought it was nothing more than a joke!

But after a little research into the subject we found out that there was glowing reports on the subject so we had to include it here. Please don’t rush out and plaster your body with colored nail polish – this only works with the clear stuff! Besides the colored stuff will do a great job of staining your clothes!

Once applied the clear nail polish will suffocate the fungal infection and you will see a difference within the first twenty four hours. It’s again a rinse and repeat method that not many people have heard about ( click the social buttons at the side of this article to share it! ).

Do you know of any home cures for ringworm that we have neglected to mention today? Have you ever suffered with this fungal condition and have advice on the subject? If so please feel free to leave a comment or information in the section below! Thanks!

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  1. xavier

    I have ringworm right now and it won’t go away! I getting rid of one and another comes up. I’m will yet all of these and see it they help. Thx:-)

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