Home Cures For Psoriasis

As a teenager I was unfortunate to suffer from varying forms of natural skin conditions. I was lucky in the fact that they were not always there but they did raise their flaky heads every now and then. This is the main reason I like to include articles on this site that cover as many skin conditions as possible. So, without further ado let’s jump straight into it – our home cures for psoriasis……

Common Dietary Supplements

One of the easiest home cures for psoriasis is to attempt to cure it from the inside-out! You can easily come across these types of common dietary supplements within your bathroom cabinet.

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Vitamin D and evening primrose oil seem to be effective for some people but I have heard rave reviews regarding basic fish oil. Ingesting the fish oil seems to be a popular choice but a couple of sufferers had actually had great success with applying the fish oil directly to the skin.

Moisture is Your Friend….

Prevention will always be a lot more effective than a cure ( in most if not all situations! ). Try to keep the air around you as moist as possible as often as possible. If you haven’t already got one then I recommend investing in a reasonably priced humidifier and use it as frequently as possible.

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You may also want to try sensitive skin moisturizers every morning and before bed at night ( click picture links above for more options! )

Perfume Beware!

As a youngster I was always warned about the potency of perfumes within soaps and other toiletries. Again this is not so much one of the home cures for psoriasis but rather a preventative measure!

It is always best to go for the products that are designed for sensitive skin conditions. Normal soaps, shampoos and body gels are loaded with various perfume agents – they can be very bad for skin conditions.

Diet Effects Everything!

Indeed it does – a very important factor in our overall health! A lot of psoriasis sufferers claim that by simply changing their everyday diet they see a dramatic improvement in their skin condition.

Eliminating red meat and fatty foods seems to be a really good starting point. After this you should try to add cranberries to your diet regime – full of antioxidants and reasonably easy to pick up just about anywhere!

Another one of the food related home cures for psoriasis is olive oil. It’s very effective for keeping the inside of the body in good shape – try it on the outside to! Putting olive or vegetable oil to scales and patches of psoriasis can keep moisture and nutrients in.

Water Can’t be That Bad…..Can it?

Well yes, I’m afraid even water can be a severe irritant to your skin’s condition so watch out. One option to get around this is to use lukewarm water in your shower or the bath. If you opt for the bath try adding some olive oil or some Epsom salts to the water – this will help with the itching afterwards!

Always use a sensitive skin moisturizer after you get out of the bath or the shower ( VERY IMPORTANT! ).

Everyone is Different

I’m afraid it is near enough impossible to list home cures for psoriasis and say they will work for everyone – this will never be the case!

The truth of the matter is that there is no one answer that will cover every skin condition – everyone reacts differently. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but it is the truth I’m afraid!

It’s a trail and error process that you must go through – the good news is that the home cures for psoriasis listed above will at no point make your condition any worse!

If you have any information on home cures for psoriasis that you think may benefit our readers then please share them in the comment section below. The more information we gather on this subject the better for everyone involved :)

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