Home Cures For Pink Eye

In this article we will be looking at a handful of home cures for pink eye for those of you that prefer to go down the more natural route.

Pink Eye Explained

Home Cures For Pink EyePink eye occurs when the conjunctiva starts to get a little inflamed. For those of you who do not know – the conjunctiva is the outermost layer of the eye that controls lubrication through tears and mucus. It has a duel purpose really as it sort of acts as a body guard for the eye – stopping anything from entering.

A lot of people tend to ignore home cures for pink eye and instead wait it out – the problem is it usually takes over a week to clear up! It is a common condition but the fact that you have this in the first place means your immune system is a little ‘down in the dumps!’.

Our Home Cures For Pink Eye

Most people simply pop down the local doctors for common medicine but for those of you that prefer the greener method – here are some home cures for pink eye….

Barberry plant

This strange mountain grape stretches way back in history as a natural remedy for many different aliments. It is known to have very powerful ingredients to fight bacteria – it makes a really effective eyewash if used correctly! It needs to be boiled down with water before it is really effective. Once boiled right down let the mix cool altogether and use as a simple rinse for the effected eye.

Nature’s Answer Barberry-Berberis Vulgaris Extract, 1 Fl Oz


This is one of the ‘nice and easy’ home cures for pink eye and a favorite of mine ( I have used the remedy on more than one occasion before! ). I was initially told that you can put honey straight into your eyes but to be honest – this really didn’t sound like something I wanted to do!

Instead of this you can make a simple mix of hot water and honey for an eyewash. I find that two tablespoons of honey and a mug of hot water will do the trick just fine. Of course you must wait until the mix has cooled down before you use it on your eye. Apply it as often as you like until the condition clears up.


This is one of the more basic home cures for pink eye but it does help in some ways due to the potatoes astringent qualities. Simply cut long slices of potato and lay across the closed eye – much like they do in massage and beauty joints!

A Simple Cup of Tea

There are bioflavonoids in tea that are known to take on bacterial infections and win! This is pretty easy to pull of to – simply lay a moist ( not hot ) teabag over the infected eye and leave it there for about ten minutes. You can use tea as a simple eyewash to but I tend to prefer to use the teabag method – less messy!


OK don’t freak out – I did say urine! This is one of the home cures for pink eye that not to many people seem keen on trying ( for obvious reasons! ). Now before you go and do something stupid……this has to be YOUR OWN URINE!

It’s all about creating a simple eyewash again by mixing your urine with water 50/50. When the pink eye is causing that nasty stinging sensation this is great for giving some relief. Obviously I wouldn’t go around telling people what you are putting in your eye but give it a go at home ( in private! ).

Salt Water

This is probably the oldest of the home cures for pink eye we are covering today ( which is why we have left it until last! ). It is an ‘old wives tale’ of sorts but it really is effective! Now I always choose to use distilled water as tap water is known to have certain chemicals in it ( and I don’t fancy squirting them in my eye! ).

Simply boil up some distilled water and add a teaspoon of salt to it – mix well. A simple eye dropper works wonders for getting the mix into the correct areas of the eye but make sure the liquid has cooled down first.

This method can be used as often as you see fit so try it out and make use of it until the symptoms disperse.

I’m sure there are more home cures for pink eye out there that we are yet to come across so if you know of any please leave them in the comment section below. Cheers!

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