Home Cures For Nausea – 8 Simple Remedies

I have recently been looking into home cures for nausea for the benefit of my mother who has been feeling slightly unwell. Now she is one of the bravest ladies I know but when it comes to being sick – she is like a four year old child!

Most people will embrace a good vomit to get rid of that feeling of nausea but not her – she would rather wait it out! It’s hard to describe the feeling of nausea really – its like unease and sickness that takes out your day in style. Often times it’s the pre-curser to vomiting, it’s a miserable thing to experience.

If we looked into the causes of nausea we would be here all day – just about any affliction can bring on bouts of this. But what we can look into are some effective home cures for nausea to brighten up a rather ill feeling day!

The Home Cures For Nausea

The following are some effective yet little known home cures for nausea. Hopefully something here will help out your feelings of sickness….

1. Acupressure – Not to be confused with acupuncture. Acupressure is when you use your fingers to put pressure against certain points on your body to relive certain symptoms. When using certain pressure points on your body you are releasing neurotransmitters, like serotonin or endorphins. These are great at blocking off all the negative, nausea feelings in your body and make you feel a little more balanced. I am no expert on this subject but with a simple search through Google I was confronted with hundreds of videos that showed what pressure points I should be aiming for. Very easy – you should give it a go!

2. Don’t Hold Back – Yes this is a little nasty but let’s be honest it’s the natural reaction to nausea. I’m talking about creating your own ‘pavement pizza’. There’s no point fighting the urge – just let go and clean yourself out! You will feel instantly better and the nausea will decrease – it’s just a little messy and unpleasant ( just ask my mum! ).

3. Anxious Maybe – Anxiety is the biggest enemy of nausea! If you feel even a slight twinge of sickness then the anxious feelings can come in and nausea will follow. Now think about accepting the fact you are feeling nausea and then just let it go – forget about it and try and do some housework or something. You will be surprised how well this method works – out of sight/out of mind!

4. Give Your Body What it Needs – A lot of the time nausea is accompanied by strong feelings of dizziness. Now this dizziness is actually telling you something so don’t go out for a half marathon – sit down! Keep your head still and just relax for half an hour – don’t put the TV on as this may case the dizziness to escalate.

5. Fresh Air – Sometimes sitting indoors and feeling sorry for yourself is this worst thing you can do! Get up and take a walk outside in the fresh air – if anything it may speed things up and cause you to vomit ( which can get rid of the nausea altogether! ).

6. Food – sometimes the most effective home cures for nausea are the most obvious! When you are sick you rarely want to eat but in a lot of cases eating can indeed make you feel better. Dry crackers seem to be popular when it comes to home cures for nausea. A lot of people who suffer with car sickness take dry crackers on long journeys to munch on!

7. Drink Hot Drinks – The warmth given off by hot drinks/teas are known home cures for nausea. Out of all the hot drinks on offer I would always go with peppermint tea as it stops the stomach spasms you feel when you are nauseous.

8. Do Something Fun – In a lot of cases you may think you are to ill to do something worthwhile but nausea is often all in the mind. The moment you concentrate on something else you may well start to feel a little better. Lying down and watching a movie may be a good idea to take your mind off things!

If you have any home cures for nausea that you would like to share with us please feel free to leave them in the comment section below this article. Thank you for stopping by!

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