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Well, it’s not going to be the most widely discussed topic but we will cover it will a little discrepancy ( we Promise! ). So without further ado…….in this article we will be looking at some home cures for genital warts.

If you have arrived at this page then you have almost certainly noticed some sort of flesh colored soft bumps in certain areas. I won’t go into details but these areas are usually found ‘somewhere down below’.

Causes of The Problem

Genital warts are caused by certain types of human papilloma virus (HPV). They are not just centered towards the ‘embarrassing areas’ of the body – they can appear just about anywhere. They do not have to be singular occurrences – more often than not they are found in little cluster formations.

They are never really considered very painful – more irritating and itchy really! If you visit your local GP or doctor they are more than likely to advise using cryotherapy. This is a medical freezing process that quite easily gets rid of the warts but only on a temporary basis in some cases.

So if you don’t feel up for the medical angle then the home cures for genital warts listed below may well be right up your street…..

The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar

This amazing product pops up all over our site as it’s usage for home remedies seems boundless! It turns out apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home cures for genital warts.

It’s a rather simple and painless process overall as all you need is a cotton bud ( you know the ones for cleaning ears! ) and a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Simply wash the skin then apply the apple cider vinegar with the cotton bud to the wart areas. Leave the solution on there for a good quarter of an hour or so then wash off.

You should try to do this as often as possible throughout the day – the more often the quicker the results! Within as little as seven days you should see the gentle scabbing of the warts as they start to wither away and die.

There is a component of apple cider vinegar that is called acetic acid – it is with this that the magic happens! It makes the apple cider vinegar corrosive so that it can kill off the wart skin tissue.

Duct Tape Can be Used For Just About Anything Then?

Yes you read the subheading correctly – it does say duct tape! So we’ve got to the point in our evolution where duct tape can be used for just about anything!

I’m sure your all on edge to see what I come out with next so here we go…….

With the duct tape you simply have to place it over the wart area ( as precise as you can be! ) and leave it there from Monday through til Friday. Sure this may be a little complicated in a shower situation but keep it as dry as possible.

The next step is a little bit brutal I find but it is necessary to remove the problem. Simply use an old nail file or emery board to file away at the dead wart area ( it should be dried out and dead by now! ).

Now I always consider this method a little medieval at best but it does work and people do recommend it. Whether or not you use it is up to you at the end of the day!

Vitamin E and Garlic Cloves ( Keep The Vampires Away! )

This is one of the home cures for genital warts that I find a little more natural in method and idea. Simply purchase some vitamin E oil ( or lotion/liquid format ) and generously wash the effected area – leave it to soak well in.

After this process crush up a clove or two of garlic and use a gauze to hold it in place on the wart(s). It will be a little smelly obviously so make sure you use this method on a day off ( you don’t want to be walking around work like this – you want to be at home! ).

Leave the gauze and mixture on there for about a twenty four hour period then remove! Rinse and repeat if necessary!

Witch Hazel Remedy 

This is one of the home cures for genital warts that seems a little ‘old housewife’s tale’ to me but that’s ok – it makes it more ‘natural’ in my book ( and we like that here! ). Witch Hazel is a herb that is known to be very astringent in nature. This means it has the ability to shrink skin tissues and cut off blood supply.

Most of the home cures for genital warts call for a natural form of oil – witch hazel is no different! Try to stay away from the gels or creams and go for the pure version ( if possible! )

Apply the liquid to your warts and leave for around about the quarter of an hour mark then wash off – pretty simple really. Apply this method about twice a day until you start to see results with the warts – don’t expect anything to happen straight away though!

Your Own Ideas

The home cures for genital warts we have covered here today are tried and tested methods used instead of over-the-counter medication. There are other home remedies floating about but these always seem to be the most popular.

Do you know of any home cures for genital warts? Do you have your own ideas on the subject? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those two questions then please leave your opinions/ideas in the comment section below…….

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