Home Cures For Athletes Foot

In this article we will be looking at some handy home cures for athletes foot to relieve the discomfort and the itching. For some reason an advertising company in the 1930’s decided to name the condition ‘Athletes Foot’. Why? Well we still have no clear indication as to why! All we know is that is itches and it’s very uncomfortable at times.

What Exactly is Athletes Foot?

Before we jump into the home cures for athletes foot I thought it was important that we looked into the medical condition first. As I mentioned above it was given it’s name by an advertising company back in the 30’s but it doesn’t really have anything to do with athletes!

It’s basically a fungal infection that occurs on our feet – nothing more fancy than that I’m afraid! I’ve heard some people refer to it as ‘foot ringworm’ which is a little bit yucky at best!

Right – a condition known as Trichophyton fungus is the cause of that horrible, dry and red itchiness that you experience with athletes foot. Trichophyton fungus can also appear on your head and body ( in some cases it is known to have caused hair loss! ).

It’s a very common type of fungus so don’t ever think you are unclean or anything. It tends to thrive due to the foot being enclosed in an airtight shoe ( and sock! ). There are no certainties on how the fungus is spread but most believe it is down to direct contact ( you remember your mum warning you about washing your feet after being in the swimming pool? ). So without further ado let’s get into the home cures for athletes foot and see if we can provide some relief……..

Moisture is Certainly NOT Our Friend!

As I mentioned above this type of fungus loves moisture and dark places to ‘hang out’. It stands to reason then that you should try and keep your effected foot as dry as possible and at the same time give it plenty of air ( but please try your best not to spread it to other people! ).

Wash Your Feet And Dry Properly

This is one of the more simple and yet obvious home cures for athletes foot – wash your feet! Yes try to do this twice a day using a towel ONLY YOU use! Once washed make sure you take your time to dry individually between each of your toes. I have been advised in the past to use a blow dryer on low settings to dry the toe areas!

Do You Own a Pair of Jesus Sandals?

Your shoes themselves can become one of the home cures for athletes foot! Again I mentioned earlier in the article that this fungus loves the dark, moist and stuffy environment. Try out a pair of flip flops or sandals ( if the weather allows! ) and let your feet really breathe for once.

If you have an office job try to take a change of footwear with you. When you are sitting at your desk slip on a pair of sandals and let the air do it’s work!

Merrell Men’s Kahuna Iii M Classic Taupe Sandal J31011 9 UK

Caster Sugar

This is one of the home cures for athletes foot that we came across in a health forum about a year back. We were all a little skeptical about it at first so one of our contributors got a friend ( who suffered with the condition ) to try it out. Within a few days the redness began to disappear and the normal skin color began to return. It really was a quite impressive turnaround!

Castor Oil

This is another one of the ‘real and proper’ home cures for athletes foot – right out of the natural remedies section! Castor oil is known to have anti-fungal qualities and is also known to be quite efficient to!

Gently rub the castor oil over all the infected areas and leave to soak in. It gives a strange feeling to your feet but at the same time it is rather pleasant! It’s a daily process so use it this way until you see the desired change in the effected areas.

Pukka Organic Castor Oil 250ml

The Others Seem a Little Drastic For my Tastes

There are other home cures for athletes foot we have come across but to be honest they seem a little dangerous for my liking. This site tries to offer natural solutions and remedies that are tried and tested and above all…….SAFE!

I have come across people claiming that bleach is a fantastic cure for this fungus and even peroxide! Now if you want to try these out then please do so without our consent as we have no idea if they are effective or not! I suggest doing a little research into them yourselves first.

If you have any ideas for home cures for athletes foot that we have not included above please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. The same goes for any questions – please leave them in the comment section and we will get back to you asap! Thanks for stopping by!

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