Healthy Alternatives to Adderall

In this article we will be discussing the healthy alternatives to Adderall and looking into the basics of ADHD. If you are looking for a more natural solution to your symptoms one of the following may be for you…

What is ADHD?

Before we look into the healthy alternatives to Adderall I thought it was important that we looked over the topic of ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a behavioral issue that manifests in the childhood years of our lives. It does not just single out children – people of all ages can suffer from the disorder.

People that suffer from ADHD often find it hard to contain their excitement in situations and are easily distracted. When they are in conversations they tend to struggle with how much physical response is required. I suppose the correct word to cover their actions would be ‘impulsive’.

Healthy Alternatives to Adderall

Adderall is the most commonly prescribed drug for the treatment of ADHD although it is not very popular with a lot of parents/carers. I think this is mainly down to the fact that Adderall is made up of d-amphetamine which causes the brain activity to increase in speed. This increase in speed is then thought to help the ADHD sufferer hold their concentration for longer spells.

Any medication with the term amphetamine in it is going to cause some sort of stir at one point or another for obvious reasons. So below we have a few healthy alternatives to Adderall that have been recommended to us by our contributors:

NOTE: Natural remedies can reduce the symptoms of certain disorders but in a lot of cases they will not be as effective as a prescribed drug. They are however healthier and they are known to have some helpful effects.

Transcendental Meditation

The first of our ​healthy alternatives to Adderall may sound a little bit ‘new age’ to you but bare with us for a bit! There have been a lot of recent studies into meditation and ADHD and the results were pretty impressive.

Participants showed significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity symptoms. If you look into the theory behind certain types of meditation you will see that’s it’s principal function is to speed up the brain to focus. This will have obvious benefits for an ADHD sufferer and can in some cases drastically reduce the symptoms.

Simple Exercise 

Again this is another of the more simple and cost effective options for healthy alternatives to Adderall. When we exercise we ( usually ) receive a natural ‘high’ afterwards which boosts various brain activities – keeps us sharp!

ADHD sufferers get hyperactive in situations and end up with way to much energy to contain. It stands to reason that getting rid of that energy will help the ADHD symptoms tenfold. So if you haven’t tried it yet it may be worth looking for some sort of daily exercise routine for the sufferer – to see how it pans out.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Considered Healthy Alternatives to Adderall

We mention these polyunsaturated fatty acids all over this site and they have many benefits. They are normally found in fish oil, krill oil and various forms of fresh fish. The effect will not be immediate when consuming these sort of things – you need to stick at them daily for a couple of months before you notice any real change.

You are advised to see what happens over a three month period. A lot of people claim to have had brilliant results through using them whilst others have claimed to had no results at all!

Regular Cups of Coffee or Caffeine Products

Like the omega-3 fatty acids above this is one of the healthy alternatives to Adderall that divides opinion. A lot of people say it definitely helps with ADHD sufferers whilst others claim it has no effect at all.

It’s not used so much as a stimulant but more of a way to kick-start your brain into providing more mental energy. If you are determined to find healthy alternatives to Adderall that work for you then you have nothing to lose by trying this method out – it’s going to cost next to nothing overall!

A Simple Time Out or Mental Break

Sometimes the simplest methods work the best for some people and a short coffee break or walk in the fresh air can do wonders. These types of breaks allow the sufferer to recharge and refocus their energy and get back on track. Sometimes sitting in one place trying to get activities completed can only make ADHD symptoms worse.

Self Control Application

I suppose these types of healthy alternatives to Adderall are mainly focused on more adult sufferers of ADHD. There are numerous self control applications that can be downloaded onto your computer and these help regulate the ‘scatty’ feelings you may encounter.

There are versions aimed at college students that actually stop your computer from logging onto social networks etc. The idea here is to keep your mind set on the task at hand to allow you the time to complete important tasks. Again this sort of thing is not for all sufferers of the condition but it could help your symptoms.

If you have any queries regarding the healthy alternatives to Adderall we have covered here today please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If you have know of any other healthy alternatives to Adderall we have not included here then again please include them in the comment section provided. Thanks for stopping by!

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