Healing Yourself With Your Mind

The subject of healing yourself with your mind constantly raises a few eyebrows for obvious reasons. In a lot of cases people envisage some sort of magical technique passed on by some witch doctor or nut job on a street corner. But it’s human nature to feel this sort of ridicule – it’s much easier to laugh at things you don’t understand!

Take a moment to gather yourself and consider how your body is feeling right now. You may think you’re healthy but concentrate on the smaller aspects. How is your back? Do you ache a little? Is there a slight headache on the horizon?

Perhaps it’s a little more serious than this – perhaps you have been diagnosed with a condition that you are finding hard to shift?

By learning how to healing yourself with your mind you can maximize your vitality and longevity. You can take on the negative feelings and replace them with more positive direction.

Healing Yourself With Your Mind

Did you know that your body is fitted with a self repair tool that allows healing yourself with your mind? All of the different thoughts ( good and bad ) and deep feelings that you experience are based in your mind – and your mind controls these self repair tools!

All the foreign bodies that linger, no matter how serious, can be handled by healing yourself with your mind. Diseases and illness appear when the body’s self repair tool ‘goes offline’.

Your bodies nervous system actually runs on two main factors – fight or flight! This is a kind of stress response that your body regulates itself by. Only when your body is in a relaxed mode can it find the tools to repair itself.

Simple Steps For Healing Yourself With Your Mind

The stress in your life does not need to control you! If you know how to activate your body’s self repair tool you are in turn powering up your body’s natural self-healing process.

Step One – Believe in Your Self Repair Tool

You are always going to come across individuals that cannot digest the principal of healing yourself with your mind but you do not have to think the same way. Are you a little dubious about the whole process? Well over the past half a decade the medical establishment has proven the existence of your body’s self repair tool.

It has been labelled the ‘Placebo Effect’ and it has been a very successful study. It involved a set amount of patients being given nothing more than ‘dud’ pills and false medication. A high percentage of these patients actually ended up curing themselves because they thought they were taking the correct medication – they were positive they were going to get better! This is a great example of healing yourself with your mind.

If you think that your medical condition is incurable then it actually will be incurable! There are reports of cancer patients and HIV sufferers going into spontaneous remission all over the world.

Successfully healing yourself with your mind is all about getting past a barrier – getting over the line. If you watch the Olympics you will notice the world records are constantly broken even though people claim the records ‘will never be beaten’. And what happens when a record is broken……suddenly every athlete is reaching that level and it becomes the norm.

This is what healing yourself with your mind is all about – you change your mindset on certain things and you believe things can be beaten. These athletes had no chance of reaching this record before but that all changes when they see a fellow competitor reach these heights. All of a sudden the mindset changes direction and you actually believe!

Step Two – Healing Yourself With Your Mind Requires Support

When healing yourself with your mind the whole process can be made a lot easier if you are lucky enough to have the support of a ‘true healer’. Don’t worry I’m not going on about some sort of tribal doctor here – I am simply referring to someone who shares your beliefs.

These kinds of people are special individuals that can pass their optimism onto you without even trying. They aid you in healing yourself with your mind by supporting you and respecting your intuition. They are with you throughout the whole healing journey!

Step Three – Try Listening to Your Body

When healing yourself with your mind it’s important to know how to listen to your body and try to figure out what it is saying to you. At the end of the day YOU know your body better than any healthcare professional – they can diagnose but you can listen!

Simple things like dizziness, pain and nausea are languages your body uses to communicate with you. Listen to this language and let it direct you to the correct destination.

Step 4 – The Root of Your Illness

You need to find out what has stopped your body’s self repair tools from working – why are your defenses down?

Healing yourself with your mind is all about discovering what is activating your stress responses and what you have been neglecting to get in this condition. Have you been neglecting certain activities that trigger the relaxation response?

Any sort of illness should be taken as a wake up call – a warning from our body to take a long look at your choices and options. It’s all to easy to play the victim and feel sorry for ourselves – it’s not so easy to use the illness as a new starting point!

Step 5 – Write Your Own Prescription

Finally, successfully healing yourself with your mind will require a self prescription of sorts. Now I’m not on about a sheet of paper to take down the pharmacy here – leave that to the doctors. I’m on about making a plan of action to place your body in the right state of mind for health and striding towards a full recovery.

Your prescription can play a large part in healing yourself with your mind so try to plan it out sensibly. What are you going to change for the sake of this prescription? Are you in need of a new diet? Will an introduction of exercise help your cause? Have you been to see the doctor to include a conventional medical solution?

You must be as specific as you can with this prescription and have the courage to put it into action. Good luck!

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