Foot Fungus Home Remedies – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Foot fungus tends to pop up in several different forms with athletes foot being one of them. There are a lot of medicinal over-the-counter solutions to these problems but a lot of people prefer to go down the more natural route. For those people we have a few effective foot fungus home remedies listed below:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is considered one of the most effective foot fungus home remedies due to it’s natural antiseptic qualities. There are two main plans of attack with tea tree oil:

  • If you have a toenail based fungus you can simply treat the nasty colored portion of the nail a few times a day ( basically dab away! ).
  • If you have a skin condition on your foot then you have to create a little mixdown of solution. The mixdown involves bringing a little aloe vera into the equation – 3 parts tea tree oil to one part aloe vera should do it! With this mixture you should be a little more restrained – I’d say a couple of times a day no more. Don’t expect immediate results with these tea tree mixtures as it takes a good month for them to really dig in and kill off the infection!

TEA TREE, ESSENTIAL OIL Melaleuca alternifolia 100ml


Vinegar has some is one of the strongest natural foot fungus home remedies due to it’s antibacterial agent. Yes, it’s a bit smelly but if you use it when you are staying in for the day/night that is not much of a problem!

  • To stop the spread of fungus you must first mix up a ‘potion’ of sorts – one part vinegar to two parts water should be strong enough for what we are aiming at.
  • Pour the solution into a large bowl and then let your feet soak into the mixture for about half an hour. It’s not a one off cure I’m afraid guys – rinse and repeat daily until the problem starts to subside.

Remember The Stuff Your Mother Used to Spread on Your Stomach?

In some countries ( mine for instance ) it’s called Vicks – in other countries I believe it is known as VapoRub. It’s the stuff you used to get plastered all over your chest when you had a cold as a kid!

This is not exactly considered one of the ‘natural’ foot fungus home remedies but it is very effective. It’s a ‘spread and wait’ situation again I’m afraid. A lot of people opt for using it then filing down the effected area but personally – I would just use it as a cream and wait!


Natural Sunlight

This is one of the simple foot fungus home remedies that was put to me by a close friend – I have to admit I was unaware of it until he brought it up in conversation! It’s like a home made session of laser treatment if you like ( a very low budget version granted! ).

You are basically making use of the sunlight outside ( harnessing it for a home made laser treatment session! ). This is the part that makes me shudder a little and for good reason…

Sit with your feet facing the sun and point the effected foot or toe areas towards it. Use a magnifying glass to strengthen the power of the sun onto your feet/toes. Now the moment you feel ANY sort of discomfort I would recommend taking the magnifying glass away at once!

As you can probably tell this is not a certified medical treatment by any stretch of the imagination. It is one of the foot fungus home remedies that is considered a bit of an ‘old wives tale’ but at the same time it is thought to work rather well. I leave you to decide whether it is the treatment for you or not ( I wouldn’t!!! ).

Let it All Breathe………

So we’ve gone through a handful of foot fungus home remedies and hopefully one of them will have the desired effect on your feet. I thought it important that we remind you that most cases of fungus love moist and dark areas.

Now consider this when you are making a choice of footwear – moist socks and shoes breed fungal growth. If is is possible try your best to be barefooted as often as possible. When walking about in the summer try out of decent pair of sandals – let things breathe a little!

Don’t wear the same pair of socks for longer than one day ( yuck! ). Dirty socks and hosiery are another contributor to foot fungus conditions.

If there are any foot fungus home remedies you know about that we have not covered here today would you please leave them in the comment section below this article. This site thrives on interaction and we always welcome new information. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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