Foods That Cure Acid Reflux

In this article we will be looking at a handful of foods that cure acid reflux problems. Drop acid problems from your daily routine with these ingredients and live a more comfortable lifestyle…


Before we go into the foods that cure acid reflux it’s important to note that by simply changing your eating ‘style’ you can drastically reduce the symptoms of acid. I know what it’s like during the working day when there is little to no opportunity to eat properly. When you finally sit down to a meal on a plate you cannot wait to start attacking it!

But relax and slow down….you are not in prison! The food will still be there in five or even ten minutes time. Instead of shoveling it down, slow the whole eating process down. Savor each fork full and take as much time as possible. I was once taught a trick that involved putting your fork down after every five mouthfuls – it worked but it did look a little strange at times!

Remember that your body will not tell your brain it is full until about fifteen minutes after it actually is. Try to eat to a comfortable level and not to the point where you are overly stuffed!

Right, now that’s out of the way lets get to the matter at hand – foods that cure acid reflux…..

Do You Consume Much Oatmeal?

I know it’s a little plain for a majority of you out there but introducing oatmeal as a breakfast can drastically reduce the acid reflux you feel throughout the day. It’s not that advisable to add fruit to boost the taste of the oatmeal but raisins seem to work fine as a tasty additive!


Ginger is thought to be one of the most effective foods that cure acid reflux. We have already covered the incredible anti-inflammatory effect of ginger along with the positive effect it can have on your stomach.

It is simple to use once sliced and peeled and it can be added to a number of desserts or to just about any main meal!

Red Apples After Meals?

This is one of the little known foods that cure acid reflux but only if you use it after a meal. Simply get through your meal ( at a reasonable pace of course! ) and supplement your dessert with a delicious red apple. It’s a bit of an ‘old wives tale’ but it is thought to have some clout behind it – give it a try and see!

Apple Cider Vinegar

I suppose this option is not so much foods that cure acid reflux but more liquids that cure the problem. By consuming regular amounts of apple cider vinegar you can combat the symptoms of acid reflux. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you can simply ingest the vinegar in tablespoon format as a sort of medicine every morning. It’s not the most pleasant of tastes but it is effective!

Green Leafy Salads

When I was younger I tended to stay away from the option of salad ( naturally! ). I often suffered from acid reflux but if I’m honest I never did much to combat it. When I met my current partner she introduced me to more basic bowls of salad to accompany mealtimes and I haven’t had a problem with acid since!

Green salad is one of the most cheap and effective foods that cure acid reflux. It’s important to remember to keep it as green as possible and stay away from adding any onions ( no matter how strong the temptation! ).

Some Fruit Can Work in Your Favor!

We mentioned red apples above but did you know that both bananas and melons can have a positive effect on acid reflux? They both contain friendly pH levels which are known to help with the build up of acid.

Fennel – Not my Cup of Tea But Effective All The Same!

Yes ladies and gentlemen – fennel is one of the foods that cure acid reflux but unfortunately I cannot stand the stuff. It’s not the leafy green parts of the vegetable that you should be consuming – it’s the white bottom to the plant!

A lot of people who suffer from excess acid use this vegetable as an effective remedy. I cannot stand the licorice taste to it and I wretch every time I attempt to eat it. Still if you can stomach the stuff – give it a go!

If All Else Fails…….

If the foods that cure acid reflux we have covered above do not have the desired effect you were looking for why not try a simple stick of gum after every meal. Chewing gum is known to increase saliva production which can reduce acid levels in the esophagus.

If you have any other suggestions on foods that cure acid reflux please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. This site thrives on interaction and it can only boost the overall effectiveness of the articles. Please keep the language clean though :)

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