Effects of Tramadol

We decided to cover the effects of Tramadol due to it’s impressive authority in the pain killing world. It’s probably more down to personal reasons but I have always thought the effects of Tramadol were not as bad as a lot of people made out. I’m talking here mainly about the so called side effects that come along with the medication. Whilst it is very powerful a lot of people seem to have problems with ill or poor feeling through using the painkiller.

Effects of TramadolI’m not going to beat around the bush here – Tramadol is a drug. It’s legal yes……..but it is a drug all the same. Tramadol is in effect opiates so it stimulates the brain and adds a happy feeling through increased serotonin levels.

To put things into perspective here, take this into account – the effects of Tramadol are much like the effects of Heroin. OK the effects are not as strong as Heroin but they are from the same family. Tramadol is only available through prescription from your GP or doctor due to the possible addictive nature of the drug.

The Effects of Tramadol

- Tramadol provides strange feelings of warmth and contentment when taken in excess ( any amount over the prescribed level ).

- Tramadol will always leave you with a serious amount of constipation! I have found this out first hand and it’s impossible to avoid. It only lasts for a day or so but it is a little uncomfortable and it does knock you out of rhythm a little.

- As I mentioned the effects of Tramadol are all based around the effects of opiates. This means that you may suffer from fatigue, drowsiness, nausea and dry wretches.

- It’s not unheard of to have very severe bouts of dizziness when using Tramadol. It’s easy to go over the recommended prescription level when you are in pain as you will do anything to stop it. The dizziness is one of the VERY real effects of Tramadol and one to be very, very cautious about.

Alcohol And The Effects of Tramadol

I had to include this section in the article due to the fact it is a very important point. If you are on Tramadol for knee pain, leg pain or any other sort of pain then please stay away from alcohol. Alcohol will increase the risk of a Tramadol overdose and in some cases can even cause the taker to slip into a coma.

The Risk of Tramadol Addiction

There is a risk of Tramadol addiction as opiates are known to be very addictive drugs ( think heroin for example! ), The effects of Tramadol give the user a strong feeling of warmth and pleasure and this can lead to habit forming behavior.

It’s nowhere near as addictive as heroin but with long term use individuals can form a dependence on the effects of Tramadol. The brain receptors will get used to the pleasant feeling from the effects of Tramadol and a habit could well form.

What are some signs of Tramadol abuse?

The problems with painkillers is their addictive nature after habitual use. If you are in pain you will have no problem using medication to combat it! It’s not always intentional but prolonged use will bring with it the chance of an addiction.

The following are a few points that could well indicate an addiction to the effects of Tramadol:

- If you notice anyone taking Tramadol above the prescribed recommended dose then there could well be a problem developing.

- If you take it upon yourself to actually up the dosage level you may want to stop and think about what you are doing

- When the pain has subsided and the injury has cleared up there is no longer a need for the drug. Are you able to stop the medication or do you still find you want to feel the effects of Tramadol?

- When your Tramadol subscription has stopped do you feel the effects of withdrawal symptoms? The next section covers the factors related to painkiller withdrawal…..

Withdrawal Symptoms From The Effects of Tramadol

  • Sudden shaky moments that feel uncontrollable at times
  • A problem with sleeping due to a feeling a restlessness
  • A change in personality due to anxiety, anger or depression/sadness
  • Muscle contractions that cause a great deal of pain
  • Very vivid dream situations that are unpleasant
  • Vision is slightly impaired and eyes start to water when focusing in on things
  • You cardiac rhythm can sometimes change for the worse

The addiction to the effects of Tramadol should really be handled like any other drug addiction out there. If you feel you may have a problem then it is best you seek the help of a healthcare professional.

Prevention is obviously better than the cure so try to stick within the recommended dosage requirements. Tramadol is not like other painkiller – it is a lot more specialized and is usually only prescribed when there is no other option left to combat the pain.


Yes there are effects of Tramadol that should be monitored but at the end of the day it is an excellent pain relief. The ‘highs’ you get of the drug don’t always appeal to everyone due to the fact they can cause nausea. Painkillers are meant to be heavy duty drugs due to their function so be careful of the way you make use of them.

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