Curing Cavities Naturally – Get Your Smile Back

Recent information published claims some people have had success curing cavities naturally. It’s pretty wonderful really – at last people are grasping onto the fact that if you give the body what it is begging for it can ( and will ) repair itself!


Curing Cavities NaturallyDental cavities have always been thought to be pretty much incurable. My dad was a dentist on the NHS and even he now has to admit that there seems to be a change in people’s thinking. 

The ins and outs of tooth decay is becoming much more public along with the choices to solve it…

Tooth Decay – All Lies?

We have been led to believe that tooth decay is caused by foods that are heavy in starch and sugar being left on our teeth. There is specific bacteria inside our mouths that love to cling onto these foods and produce acid through them. It’s this acid that attacks our teeth and causes tooth decay…

This sounds pretty rational really until a few facts are thrown at it! 

  1. ​There are many records of various indigenous people that had carbohydrate ( starch and sugars ) in their diet much like we do. Now we have the added bonus of toothpaste and tooth brushes but they didn’t – so how is it that they do not suffer with tooth decay like we do?
  2. A lot of the sugars we put in our mouths these days are actually processed sugars. Now its common knowledge that bacteria chooses not to go for processed sugar due to a lack of nutrients in it – explain?
  3. On the other hand the types of food this bacteria does like to eat have never been linked to tooth decay – milk, veggies, meat, fruit.

Quite an eye opener really when you approach it like that isn’t it?

Dr. Weston Price

We have been lucky enough to have had time to study the works of Dr. Weston Price. He seems to think that tooth decay is more likely down to a lack of minerals in the diet, lack of certain vitamins in the diet ( A, D, E and K ) and your intestinal system not properly absorbing nutrients.

Curing Cavities Naturally With Food

By consuming the following healthy foods in our diet we can restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Dairy produce ( organic only
  • Meat from free range cattle that is only fed on grass​
  • Various forms of seafood
  • Traditional bone broth soups 
  • Vegetables that have been boiled ( use this with the bone broth option above )

There are also a few supplements that you may be interested in taking:

  • Cod liver oil – contains the vitamins we covered above
  • Magnesium 
  • Making the bone broth can be quite a challenge and take up quite a lot of your time. Taking a few Gelatin supplements is a great way to solve this dilemma – great for your gums!

​​​If you have further information or any queries on curing cavities naturally then please leave them in the comment section below this article. Thanks for reading!

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