Cure Hemorrhoids Fast – Home Cures For Hemorrhoids

If you have experienced the symptoms then you will be looking to cure hemorrhoids fast! I’ve been there and I feel your pain ( quite literally! ). Unfortunately it’s not just the symptoms of hemorrhoids that are off putting – it’s the diagnosis as well! So it’s all a little embarrassing and it’s all a little uncomfortable – lets look at some home cures for hemorrhoids….


Cure Hemorrhoids Fast - Home Cures For HemorrhoidsWhen the veins inside the anus and rectum become swollen then hemorrhoids ( piles ) occur. I should point out that there is no real reason for embarrassment here – about three quarters of the population have suffered from this at one point or another.

It’s not unheard of in teenagers or young people but the normal peak age is about 45 to 65 years. A lot of pregnant women tend to suffer with piles due to the natural constipation that occurs. Basically the more time you spend sat on the toilet the more at risk you are of hemorrhoids!

Home Cures For Hemorrhoids

You do not have to rely on medication to cure hemorrhoids fast – there are home treatments which can tame the flare ups. The following are some handy home cures for hemorrhoids which may be of help to you:

Eat Lots of Fiber

We see the TV ads for it all the time but they’re not just directed at pensioners! These cereals and foods that are full of fiber are great for relieving the symptoms of constipation.

Fiber will soften your stool and increase its bulk, which helps to reduce straining. There’s no excuse really – everyone has the option to eat enough fiber. Simply load up the shopping cart with veggies, fruit and whole grains and get started!

Now a word of warning here – don’t just jump on the fiber bandwagon and go for it! Make sure you gradually build up the amount of fiber you eat each day. Severe bloating and gas are big problems when switching to fiber. You may also want to drink plenty of water with it to to make sure it is softened enough inside you.

How You Perform!

If you want to cure hemorrhoids fast then take note of how you perform whilst on the toilet ( sorry one of the politest ways I could think of putting it! ). Don’t try to go to the toilet unless you really feel that you need to. You must try your best to limit the amount of straining that you are going through. If you manage a small bowel movement then leave it at that – down push to get rid of more!

On the other hand don’t wait to long if you feel the need to release – try and go when you need to go! The longer your stool stays inside you the more time it will have to lose the moisture and become a problem.

Changing your position may also help you cure hemorrhoids fast. By simply changing your position on the toilet you may find some relief. Now I know western toilets are not designed for squatting on so use your head a little – think outside the box! Some reports say that simply lifting your feet up to a high level when on the toilet can help.

Ever Heard of Butchers Broom?

This was a new one on me until recently but – if you want to cure hemorrhoids fast you really should look into Butchers Broom. Another name for this plant extract is Box Holly and it has apparently been used for centuries to cure hemorrhoids.

Swanson Butcher’s Broom (470mg, 100 Capsules)

Within the compound of the plant are anti-inflammatory attributes that can shrink inflamed veins ( the main cause of piles ). It comes in a handy powder format from most health stores – simply add a couple of teaspoons worth to your tea or coffee a couple of times a day.


Garlic is a well known way to cure hemorrhoids fast but the application is a little difficult if I’m honest with you. I find any sort of external treatment for piles a little off-putting if I’m honest with you but sometimes there are no other alternatives!

With garlic all you have to do is simply mash up a clove and use your finger to apply it to the problematic area. How you do this is obviously up to your own devices but remember – practice makes perfect and garlic really can help clear the problem up!

We have come across other methods to cure hemorrhoids fast but what we have covered above seem to be the most popular/effective. If you have time you may want to look into Mango seeds, turnip juice and apple cider vinegar. All three have their uses against piles but as I said – they do not seem as effective as what we have mentioned here.

If a hemorrhoid problem seems to be getting a little out of control then I would advise dropping all these remedies and visiting your local doctor – just to be on the safe side!

If you know of any other ways to cure hemorrhoids fast then don’t be shy – leave them in the comment section below this article!

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