Bladder Pain After Urination – Helpful Home Remedies

If you are feeling bladder pain after urination then read on – there’s a good chance you have some sort of bladder infection! Usually a lot more common in women than in men – bladder infections can be very painful experiences.

Bladder Pain After Urination – The Remedies

As we stated above the feeling of bladder pain after urination can be a really unpleasant and painful experience. Check out the remedies listed below and see if they can bring you some relief from the discomfort…..

Drink Plenty of Water

Bladder Pain After UrinationWhenever you are sick the first thing your mother or grandmother will say to you is to “make sure you are drinking plenty of water”. It used to make me laugh as a teenager but the older I’ve got the more I realize they knew what they were talking about.

If you suffer from bladder pain after urination simply try drinking more water than you normally would. Water does a great job of diluting your urine and at the same time releasing the bacteria from inside your bladder.

The darker the color of your urine the more painful it will be to pass when you have a type of bladder infection. Drink plenty of water to remove/dilute the color of your urine and make it easier to pass.

Now this method only works if you use water as your liquid – nothing else! I have heard of people trying to flush out bacteria with coffee or tea…..please stop right there for a minute! Any sort of caffeine will only irritate your bladder more when you drink it so please don’t use these drinks!

Let Things Go….

Sometimes bladder pain after urination can be brought about by you holding in your urine. One of the best remedies and preventive tools for bladder infections is to urinate frequently.

Most people naturally feel like urinating after sex – this is for a reason! Sexual action can make the infection and bacteria crawl deeper into the urethra. By simply urinating after sex you are flushing out all the bad stuff and not allowing it to settle for long in the wrong place!

For Women – Dress Loose!

Sorry about the ‘dress loose’ caption above – the meaning is to wear looser clothes rather than wear stripper’s clothing! Try and find the more casual items in your wardrobe and try them out for a while.

Bacteria loves dark and moist areas so try your best to let your skin breathe through the clothing you are wearing. Try and let the clothing flow and wear cotton underwear whenever appropriate. Remember – you are trying to promote air circulation so think outside the box and dress accordingly!

A Simple Glass of Cranberry Juice

This is one of the true ‘natural remedies’ for bladder pain after urination – so much so it actually divides opinion! Many think it is nothing more than a new age hippy idea whilst others swear by it for bladder infections.

The truth of the matter is it cannot do any harm and cranberry juice is good for you anyway. If it does work for you then your onto a very cheap winner right?

Baking Soda Can Help

This is a method to tackle bladder pain after urination before it develops into something much more sinister. Simply try adding a spoonful of baking powder into a glass of cold water and mixing it up!

This might well help with discomfort of your bladder infection because the soda neutralizes the acidity in your urine, speeding along your recovery.

Pineapple Treatments

Much like cranberry juice, pineapples are a very popular form of natural remedy for bladder infections. A lot of people claim that bladder pain after urination decreases when they introduce healthy amounts of pineapple into their diets.

There is an enzyme found inside pineapples called Bromelain and this enzyme is believed to help with bladder infections. Again you have nothing to lose by trying this and there is proof in certain areas that it works!

Vitamin C

We’re usually advised to take plenty when we fall ill with a cold but vitamin C has many different medical uses. Doctors prescribe large amounts of vitamin C for patients that suffer from bladder infections.

Vitamin C does a great job of acidifying your urine and stopping the bacteria in it’s tracks. Very effective in larger doses  – approx 5000 mg.

If you know of any home remedies that are effective for taking on bladder pain after urination we would love to hear from you. As always we love interaction on this site and feel it can make our articles even more effective. Please don’t spam – we recognize it and remove it! Thanks.

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