Bizarre Home Remedies That Work

Bizarre Home Remedies That WorkWe thought we’d step away from the norm with this article and look at a few bizarre home remedies that work. There’s many of them floating about – not all of them are effective! We decided to group a few together that actually do work and publish them here for you. See what you think……..

Vodka And Foot Odor?

Yes you read the title above correctly – the first of our bizarre home remedies that work is vodka on your feet!

The alcohol content of vodka is very high so if you soak a cloth in it and wipe it over your ( smelly ) feet you will see a drastic improvement. The vodka kills off odor causing fungus and bacteria and at the same time stops them from growing. 

It’s probably not the most cost effective method but hey….it works! 

Forget Tablets – Try a Pencil!

This is a pretty freaky type of cure but there does seem to be some sort of clout behind it. Whenever you have a headache you tend to clench your jaw and teeth together. 

It’s all down to being stressed and anxious – both are common causes of a headache. If you place a pencil between your teeth it will gently relieve the pain in your head and the tension that goes along with a headache! 

Yogurt as Mouth Wash!

That’s right! Whenever you are hit by the ‘bad breath bug’ reach for the yogurt instead of the Mouth Wash. The live bacteria in yogurt can suppress levels of bad breath by overpowering the bad bacteria inside your mouth. Try it and see for yourself! 

Listerine Blister Cure

So we’ve got yogurt for mouth wash – what do we do with the spare Listerine? Simple – Listerine is great at getting rid of painful blisters!

It’s the high antiseptic levels in Listerine that make it a great treatment for blisters. Simply dab some on the effected areas about three times a day and see the results – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Licorice For Corns

A simple enough balm can be made up out of a few sticks of Licorice. Simply cut a few up and mix them down with a blob of petroleum jelly. 

When the mix is suitably set together apply it to the calluses or corns on your feet. The licorice has a kind of estrogen inside it and this substance softens up the skin on the effected areas of the foot. 

Tennis Ball Foot Relief

This is the simplest of the bizarre home remedies that work. I can actually remember my auntie using this technique on her feet when I was a little boy!

You stand on the tennis ball and roll your feet over it letting it act as a massage tool. You can also try it with a golf ball but I’ve heard that the tennis ball is the most effective out of the two!

Sugary Hiccups!

I’m not the biggest fan of hiccups – as a child they used to drive me insane at times – when I started I really couldn’t stop! 

I wish someone would of told me about this tasty home remedy – sugar! It’s just simple, bland sugar – not watered down or anything. 

If you digest a dry, neat tablespoon of sugar your hiccups will disappear within minutes. 

Motion Sickness?

Not a problem……as long as you can stomach olives! I used to hate olives when I was younger but these days I’m quite partial to a few here and there. 

Olives are great at curing motion sickness as they remove the excess saliva from the mouth – they dry it out. This is down to the tannins they contain. 

Burnt Mouth?

Again, not a problem! If you have wolfed your food down to quick and ended up burning the roof of your mouth then there is an easy way around it. 

Ice cream acts as a great cooling agent on the very thin layer on the roof of your mouth. 

Apple Teeth Whitener

I used to hear this all the time as a kid but I didn’t once believe it! But apparently there is some weight behind it – apples can act as a whitener for your teeth!

Eating the apple will actually clean the teeth of any food and then the natural acid inside the apple will remove any stains off the enamel – surprising! 

Do you know of any bizarre home remedies that work? If you do would you please contribute to this article by using the comment section below – we would love to hear from you…..thanks for stopping by! 

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