Back Pain And Nausea

There are many different reasons for back pain and nausea and in this article we will be covering the more common instances. Your back constantly preforms the job of a stabilizer for your whole body and therefore it is often in the line of fire for pain.

The following are possible reasons for your back pain and nausea:

That Time of The Month

Back Pain And NauseaMenstruation is a frequent and natural cause of back pain and nausea. Although it does not happen in every woman it is quite common in women that smoke or have a family history of troublesome menstruation periods.


This is quite an obvious symptom so it’s best to get it out of the way early on. We don’t mean to panic you but pregnancy is a very common reason for back pain and nausea.


We’ve already looked at menstruation but did you know that the premenstrual syndrome can also be a main culprit in back pain and nausea. In the weeks leading up to the female’s period she can go through various physical complaints and stumbling emotions.


This can be a particularly unpleasant complaint and should be treated as soon as possible. When there are troublesome deposits inside the gallbladder your bile ducts can stop working. As well as a bad back and general pain you can feel feverish and also have itchy sensations to the skin.

Problems With The Pancreas

The Pancreas is often overlooked when it comes to back pain and a sick feeling. The Pancreas is a very important organ as it plays a big part in digestion and regulates your blood sugar levels. Most of the time the symptoms gather around the abdominal areas but at times it is known to effect the back and cause nausea.

Kidney Stones

Now this can be a very painful period of your life! Kidney stones are often the cause of back pain and nausea. They are constructed of compact calcium and they are known to pass through the urinary tract – a very painful process!

General Bone Infection

Osteomyelitis takes place when bacteria gets into the workings of a bone and can cause back pain and nausea. The spine is one of the problem areas of bone infection pain in adults and should be treated as soon as possible as the bone can be left permanently damaged.

The above are some of the more serious reasons for┬áback pain and nausea so please don’t worry. Try ruling each symptom out one at a time and visit your local GP if you are looking for peace of mind!

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