Arch of Foot Pain

There are many different factors that can lead to an arch of foot pain. If it is persistent pain then it is always recommendable that you visit your doctor for further information. This page has been set up to cover the possible causes of arch of foot pain and what you can do to avoid it in the future.

Arch of foot pain is common with individuals that suffer from a structural complaint called flat feet. Another common complaint of arch of foot pain is a fallen arch – this is when the arch has sort of fallen in on itself due to to much weight.

Flat feet really do pull your whole body structure out of alignment and cause a lot of stress and inflammation. But it’s not just the arch of your foot that you have to worried about – many different areas of your body can exhibit pain through flat feet!

If you experience pain in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones or nerves it could be attributed to your arches. All of these body parts are actually linked to the bottom of your foot. So think about it – damage or strain to any of these components can bring through arch of foot pain.

If you do not treat this type of pain it can get progressively worse. It tends to hit people that are over the age of thirty but any athlete that takes part in high impact sports could be in danger of developing the complaint.

Symptoms of Arch of Foot Pain

Well first of all you will probably get a strange and uncomfortable burning sensation at the base of the foot ( the arch ). If this occurs try standing upwards on your tip toes – if you struggle this is always a sure sign of damage to the arch of the foot.

When you first wake up in the morning the arch of your foot will almost certainly give you more pain than normal. You may also experience a sharp, jabbing pains within your toes and pain that gets worse when you extend them.

Sometimes arch of foot pain can get a lot worse when you are walking around the house with no shoes on or walking on harder surfaces.

The Causes of Arch of Foot Pain

A lot of the time arch of foot pain is related to a group of tissue in your feet called the plantar fascia. This group runs from the heel of your foot right up to the toes and when it gets inflamed – it hurts bad!

The plantar fascia can get inflamed for the simple reason of being on your feet all day. Professionals like nurses sometimes suffer from the same pain due to long hours working and walking the halls of the hospital. Sportsmen and women also fall foul of this complaint due to the overuse of their feet.

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of shoes/footwear when it comes to arch of foot pain. Footwear plays a really important part of how healthy your foot stays – if your shoes do not support the whole of your foot you could be in for a spot of bother!

Treatment of Arch of Foot Pain

If you manage to get your arch of foot pain diagnosed in it’s early stages it can be a lot easier to treat. If the pain is only moderate then you may want to look at a sturdier selection of footwear to reduce the pain. If the pain is a little more unbearable you should look at taking up the RICE treatment:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

The RICE method is used by a lot of athletes who suffer from the complaint and it’s fairly self explanatory. You have to make sure the foot is elevated about twelve inches above the level of your heart.

Anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers are also used to treat arch of foot pain. There are much more serious cases that require certain steroid injections to the base of the foot. Cortisone injections are another option but if all else fails then a surgical procedure may be the only answer.

Preventing Arch of Foot Pain

Thankfully there are some simple techniques that can help and even cure your arch of foot pain:

  • Excess weight can contribute to an arch of foot pain. Try to lose weight and slim down if at all possible.
  • If you are running or playing sport make sure that you wear the correct shoes for the sport you are taking part in.
  • Simple leg stretches can help with the pain from a swollen arch
  • Try to do a different exercise activity every day. If you are a runner try not to do it every day – run one day, swim the next then cycle the third day – rinse and repeat!
  • If a doctor gives you advice it is for a very good reason – listen to this advice and put it into practice!
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