Who is the face behind Home Remedies For Knee Pain And Swelling?

Hi, my name is Chris Evans and I am the administrator of this information site.

We live in the internet age where it is possible for anyone to come online, build a quick site and then spill out a load of nonsense on a subject they know little about!

It’s called marketing ladies and gentlemen. Let’s be honest – I’m not doing this for free! The adverts you see on the pages of this website help me keep the whole show running and hopefully earn me a little extra pocket money to!

I’m not claiming to be a doctor or expert – I am claiming to have a passion and an interest in the subject of alternative remedies due to many a sporting injury in the past. I’m not offering guaranteed cures – I am offering well researched options.

If you are still interested in taking this journey with me then all the better – I love what I do and I think it shows through my work!


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  1. Thomas Lartin

    Hi Chris, I am impressed with your website and I was wondering If you were looking for anyone to guest blog. My newest article I have written is on my wordpress.com blog about what foods can make us smarter. I would really do my best and if you are unhappy with my work I can revise it or I will respect your decision.

    I do not see your email on here but if I find it I will also send you a message in the next few days so you are definitely aware of my interest. I have had thoughts about writing an article on healthy energy sources that are natural recently, but I will to take any ideas that you may need done. I am well aware of good SEO practices as well for the article I would write for you. Thanks for my consideration, Tom. Please email me if their is an opportunity for me to be a contributor. Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hi. Yes I’m always on the lookout for new contributors. What was the topic you would like to be covering? Sorry for the slow response I’m currently travelling back to London today so I haven’t got that much opportunity to check my email. You are welcome to write as many posts as you like ( as long as they stick within this ‘natural’ niche!) and link back to your site through each article. Look forward to hearing from you!

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