Home Remedies For Knee Pain And Swelling

Welcome to home remedies for knee pain and swelling – a place to find the most effective remedies for all types of pain complaints.

Knees are pretty amazing joints in our bodies – we run up stairs, kneel on them and jump about on a daily basis but we don’t often realize the importance of them…..until we injure one!

Home Remedies For Knee Pain And SwellingIf you are here looking for home remedies for knee pain and swelling then I feel your pain – this is one of the most complex joints in the human body. It a very exposed joint really when you compare it to a hip joint – it tends to attract injury much more easily.

The knee is made up of four main functions or tools:

  •  Femur ( this is also called the thighbone )
  • Condyles ( two of these small ball shaped bones make up a section of the knee )
  • Tibia
  • Kneecap ( protective – gives the knee strength )

Once a knee is injured it becomes a great struggle to get it healthy again due to the amount of use the joint gets on a daily basis. Below are a few home remedies for knee pain and swelling that we promised to help along your healing process:

Try to Stay Trim

An injury to your knee can be made a lot worse if you are carrying a bit to much weight. Try your best to stick to lower fat, lower calorie, healthy lifestyle when getting over a knee injury.

It’s also to a good idea to stick to this healthier lifestyle once the knee gets better – healthier bodies will have a less chance of common strain or injury.

Try to Rest

I know all to well how boring it gets when you are stuck on the sofa watching TV all day long. One of the simplest home remedies for knee pain and swelling is to keep off the knee altogether.

If you are like me and find it difficult to laze about doing nothing then I suggest you get yourself a pair of crutches – DO NOT walk around without them as this will only make the healing process last longer.

Protection Goes Hand in Hand With Cure

Once the injury has happened to your knee it has happened – basically, live with it! Don’t try to be a warrior or a hero and limp about in agony all day. Invest in a reasonably priced knee pad or knee support to protect the knee.

I use a Nike knee support for running every morning and I paid about $10 for it about three years back. You don’t have to break the bank – it’s well worth the money if you are in pain.

Knee Compression

A knee brace can also be used as compression for your injured knee. If you have no brace then simply use an elastic bandage. The compression will decrease the swelling on the knee and at the same time reduce the build up of fluids.


Again this seems to be one of the home remedies for knee pain and swelling that people choose to ignore – I don’t know why as it is sound advice!

Basically keep the knee lifted ( elevated ) as often as possible. Even if it’s just a couple of cushions or pillows underneath the leg it works. You have to make sure the injured knee is above the level/height of your heart when sitting or lying down.

The home remedies for knee pain and swelling we have listed above are all simple enough to remember so you have no excuses – use them or suffer the consequences! One more tip – smokers will not heal as quickly as non-smokers. One of the more important home remedies for knee pain and swelling is to stay off the cigarettes – easier said than done I know, I know!

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